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How to Insert Pie Chart in WPS Spreadsheet

Uploaded time: November 11, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to Insert Pie Chart in WPS Spreadsheet

How to Insert Pie Chart in WPS Spreadsheet

We can analyze data more intuitively with charts in daily work.

Take this table as an example. We want to present the clothing sales of each state in the United States in a more direct way, so we can insert a pie chart to know the proportion quickly.

First, we select the cell range of D1:E6, click the Insert tab, and click the Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart drop-down button. There're several types of pie charts. We select Pie here to insert a pie chart in the table.

Select the pie chart, click the Chart Element button at the top right of the chart, check the Data Labels icon and then the pie chart shows the values. Then click the triangle icon on the right of Data Labels, select Outside End, and the values are shown outside the chart.

The data label shown in the chart is Total Sales. If we also want to check the percentage of sales in each state at the same time, how can we do that? Click the data label in the chart, and click the Format Chart Area button. In the LABEL tab, we select Percentage.

Then we can also change the chart style.

1. Click the Change Color drop-down button, and select a desired color type for the chart.

2. There are also some built-in styles for choice. Here we apply Style 12 to the chart.

3. If we want to highlight the sales of any state, click on the corresponding part and drag it out, and we can also drag data labels.

4. Click any part of the pie, check Picture or texture fill in the FILL&LINE area, click the drop-down button on the right of the Picture Fill tab, and select File. Then select the picture that we want to insert. After that, we can also adjust it in the area below Picture Fill.

At last, click the pie chart. In the CHART OPTIONS tab, select No Fill in the FILL area, and select NO LINE in the LINE area. Then add a suitable title for the chart, and a simple pie chart is done.

Did you get it?

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