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How to create radar chart

Uploaded time: January 24, 2022 Difficulty Intermediate

How to create radar chart

How to create radar chart

Radar chart displays data information on one dimension like a spider web, allowing us to learn the relationships between each piece of data to the whole and compare them quickly.

Take this table as an example, which is a table of the competency rating of three employees this year. It's difficult to find out the differences between them only with this data, so we can use a radar chart to make it clear.

1. Select the needed cell range, click the Insert tab and click the Radar drop-down button.

2. We select Filled Radar here to get a radar chartcorresponding to the selected cells.

3. If we want to beautify the chart, double click the chart and choose a  desired color in the Fill area to fill the chart.

4. Then we find the text does not appear clearly against this background, so we can click the Text Tools tab, select the text that we need to edit, and click Text Fill to change its color to white.

We can also change the fill color blocks of these three employees.

5. Select one of the fill color blocks, and choose a preferred color in the Fill area.

6. Since the overlapping data of these three employees are indistinguishable, we can select the color blocks to change their transparency one by one.

7. Lastly, click the radar chart, click Chart Elements on the right, and then select Left in the Legend area to place the legend to the left.

Such a simple yet elegant radar chart is done. With this chart, you can quickly find the employee with the highest overall quality.

In addition to this example, radar charts can be applied to diverse scenarios such as enterprise financial reports, employee ability analyses, competitive product comparison, etc.Did you get it?

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