How to insert shapes in PDF?

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How to insert shapes in PDF?

How to insert shapes in PDF?

With WPS PDF, you can read, take annotation, compress, convert PDF to JPG, highlight, search, process & edit PDF documents on Windows, mac pc and android mobiles. 

Inserting Shapes can make the content more aesthetical and logical. As such, key paragraphs can be marked and layout can be beautified.

In PDF, we can insert four types of shapes, namely, rectangle, circle, arrow and line. We can insert shapes by two paths. 

Take this file as an example.

1. Click Edit and select the the Round rectangle combination icon in Annotation.

2. Select Shape where we select an arrow shape and adjust the Line Width, Color, and Transparency.

3. Drag your finger to create an arrow shape. Click the arrow again, and drag in the two endpoints of the arrow to adjust its proportion, size and position.

4. Click any created shape to change the style, color and thickness of the line.  You can also Delete the shape directly.

5. You can also click Tools and select Shape in the Annotation window to insert a shape.

This function is exclusive to WPS Premium members. You can experience it immediately by purchasing WPS Premium. For WPS Office on PC, the Shape function for PDF is more diversified, so you can download WPS Office on PC to experience it. 

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