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How to Insert Tab in Word Using WPS Office

December 26, 2023

One of the most effective tools for organizing documents, whether in Microsoft Word or WPS Writer, is the utilization of the Tab feature. This feature empowers users with control over tab spacing, facilitating a more precise arrangement of document content. It ensures that each tab is spaced according to user preferences, contributing to a well-organized document layout.

How to Insert Tab in Word Using WPS Office

How to Insert Tab in Word Using WPS Office


How to use the Tab Feature in WPS Office (Step By Step)

The Tab feature in WPS Writer distinguishes itself from its counterpart in terms of simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Let's learn how to insert tabs in Word in WPS Office, exploring the distinctive attributes and advantages of this feature.

Step 1: Begin with the document you wish to organize for more effective tab spacing., select the text using your mouse.

WPS Writer select text to insert tabs

WPS Writer select text to insert tabs


Step 2: Access the Tab options by clicking on the "Home" tab and selecting the "Settings" option in the toolbar.

Step 3: In the Settings drop-down menu, choose "Paragraph".

WPS Writer Paragraph options

WPS Writer Paragraph options


Step 4: In the Paragraph window, locate and click on the "Tabs" option at the bottom.

WPS Writer Tabs option

WPS Writer Tabs option


Step 5: Set up your tab stops. Start by entering a value in the "Tab stop Positions" field to define its position. Ensure the correct unit is selected for accurate measurement.

WPS Writer Tab stop Positions

WPS Writer Tab stop Positions


Step 6: Additionally, you can set the alignment for your tab in the "Alignment" section.

Step 7: The last configuration is the Leader. You can leave it blank or add a leader to fill in the blank space between each tab.

Step 8: Once configured, click "Set" to apply the changes. You can set up multiple tab stop positions,and once you’re, click on "OK" to exit the tab options.

WPS Writer set tabs

WPS Writer set tabs


Now, your document is organized with the desired tab spacing. You're ready to share edited and organized WPS Writer documents for free! Interested? Download and try WPS Writer for yourself to experience this amazing and user-friendly feature.

Extension-How to Change Tab in WPS Office?

Another feature that complements the Tab feature is the Ruler. Users can leverage the Ruler to enhance their page width or manually set tabs. The positions of tabs specifically set by users are visually marked on the ruler.

Step 1: To begin, enable the ruler in WPS Writer. This option can be found in the 'View' tab on the toolbar.

WPS Writer Ruler

WPS Writer Ruler


Step 2: After enabling the ruler, if you take a closer look, right at the start or end of your tab stop positions, you'll notice small arrows on the ruler indicating these tab stops.

Step 3: Using your cursor, you can conveniently drag these small arrows to manually adjust the tab positions.

WPS Writer user ruler to set tab positions

WPS Writer user ruler to set tab positions


So, if you find setting tab positions challenging, this simple ruler feature can make the process of setting and adjusting tab stops much easier.


Here are some tips to use the tab stop feature effectively in WPS Writer:

  • Plan Before Setting Tabs: Before setting tab stops, plan the layout of your document. Consider where you want specific elements to align, and choose tab positions accordingly.

  • Use Different Types of Tabs: WPS Writer offers various types of tabs, including left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned, and decimal-aligned. Utilize these options to achieve the desired formatting for different sections of your document.

  • Combine Tabs for Complex Layouts: For complex layouts, you can combine different types of tabs in a single line. This allows for versatile formatting and alignment within the same document.

  • Utilize Leaders for Visual Separation: In scenarios where you want to visually separate content between tabs, consider using leaders. Leaders are characters (dots, dashes, etc.) that fill the space between tab stops, improving readability.

  • Clear Unnecessary Tabs: If you no longer need a tab stop, clear it from the document. Unnecessary tab stops can complicate formatting and make the document appear cluttered.

  • Consistent Tab Settings: Maintain consistency in your document by applying similar tab settings throughout.

  • Preview Before Finalizing: Before finalizing your document, use the preview function to see how the tabs affect the overall layout.

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WPS Office Writer


Notably, WPS Office excels in maintaining formatting integrity when converting to PDF, surpassing many other office suites. Its integrated PDF functionality not only ensures compatibility but also seamless integration with suites like MS Office. The software's cross-platform compatibility (Mac, Linux, and Windows) cements its position as a top choice, delivering consistent format preservation across diverse environments.

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Q1. How to use tabs to align text quickly in WPS Writer?

Tabs in WPS Writer help you move text as you type using the horizontal ruler. It lets you align your text and symbols the way you want.

Q2. Can we insert a tab using WPS Office on mobile?

No, WPS Office does not support inserting or changing tabs on the mobile terminal. The functionality for inserting tabs is unavailable in the mobile version of WPS Office application.

Optimize Documentation With WPS Office

Discovering how to insert tabs in Word using WPS Office marks the end of manual spacing and formatting hassles. WPS Office streamlines life with its user-friendly formatting features, providing seamless adjustments. Say goodbye to tedious formatting tasks and enhance your document creation experience. Download WPS Office now for a more efficient and professional approach to your office needs.

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