How to insert table of contents in word document on Mac or Windows

April 21, 2022

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Graduation coming, the most important thing for students is to writer a paper and how to insert table of contents in their paper. It is an indispensable part of long documents, helping readers to sort through the overall structure of the article and quickly locate and find the content in the document. What's more, a table of contents also creates links for each section, allowing you to navigate to different parts of your document.It is a good choice to use Microsoft Office and WPS Office Writer when we want to make table of contents in word document.

However, Microsoft Word Online can not insert a TOC, so if you want to insert a TOC, you have to do that in Word for desktop.Today's article will talk about how to insert table of contents in word document on Mac or Windows.

How to insert table of contents in word document?

1. Head to the References tab and click the Table Of Contents drop-down button.

Here, we can see that there are three styles, divided according to the level of the heading. We have level 1, level 2, and level 3 headings.

2. Then, we can choose any Table to add Table Of Contents for a long word document.

Tips: If the caption is not set at a level, we can click the TOC Level button to set the level for the heading one by one.

How to customize the Table Of Contents?

1. If you want to customize the settings of Table Of Contents, you can click Insert Table Of Contents in the Table Of Contents drop-down menu to pop up a dialog box.

3. In the dialog we can select the style of the Tab leader and also the level of heading that we want to display.

4. You can also set the page number position in the table of contents according to your needs. On the right side of the Print Preview interface you can view the preview effect.

How to update the Table of Contents?

1. Head to the References tab to click the Update TOC button to pop up the Update Table of contents.

2. If you change the caption of text, you can click the Update entire table to update changes, or if you can click the Update page numbers only button to only update page numbers.

Have you learned about how toinsert table of contents in word document on Mac or Windows? If you want to know more about WPS Office, you can download WPS Office software to process documents or others in Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free.