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Well-Organized TOP 10 Template for Table of Contents in Word

February 7, 2023

The table of contents is a list of topics or heading to be mentioned in a document. A table of content helps us to find a specific page easily and efficiently. Mostly, the very first page of any document, book, or magazine is the table of contents. You can design a perfect table of content in word doc. Because the word doc has amazing features and tools. Today, hard work has been replaced with smart work.

In this article, you will get an amazing & well-organized template for a table of content in word. By customizing these templates for the table of content in word, you will look professional and stand out. Scroll down to grab the best template for the table of content in the word:

TOP 10 Template for Table of Contents in Word

1. Yellow Green To-Do List Word Template:

Are you looking for an attractive template for a table of contents in a word? This simple yellow-green colored To-Do list is versatile and can serve you.

2. Task To Do List Word Template:

Make sure to download this elegant but simple template for the table of content in word. Along with a To-Do list, there is also an option for things to follow. Never miss this doc template for the table of contents in word.

3. Teal Blue To Do List Word Template:

This is the most sophisticated & well-designed online template for a table of contents in word. You can edit this minimalistic To-Do list for multiple purposes.

4. Simple Basic To-Do List Word Template:

Look at this minimalistic but elegant TOP template for the table of contents in word. It makes you look stand out & professional. You can also use it for different purposes.

5. Daily Word To-Do List Word Template:

Are you searching for a free download template for the table of contents in a word? Here you go. This yellow-bordered template is for your upcoming magazine.

6. Flat Design Blue Shopping List Word Template:

Grab this well-organized To-Do list as your simple template for a table of contents in word as your book table of contents. Because this is fully customizable. You can enter the name of the title followed by the page number.

7. Simple Address Book Word Template:

You can edit this tabular formed table of contents as your business table of contents in word. You can also adjust the columns of the given template accordingly.

8. Simple Green Book List Word Template:

Make your book super attractive by using this easy-to-edit elegant template for the table of contents in word. Free download this super amazing table of contents for your book.

9. Flowers Shopping List Word Template:

Grab this minimalistic & simple template for the table of contents in word. It makes you look stand out and leaves a good impression on the viewer. Flowers add to its elegance.

10. Purple Shopping List Word Template:

Always choose a well-organized template as a table of contents for your document. This tabular template serves you the best.

The template for a table of contents in the word is the most essential page of any document. It helps to enlist titles with the reference page number in a lengthy document. Every document has a different set of requirements for a table of contents. If you can’t find it above, visit the WPS office software or download it to explore many more templates.

Top 5 Free Websites to Find the Right Table of Contents Template

Following are some of the reputable websites that offer a table of contents templates with the pros and cons of each:

1. Free Table of Contents Templates in WPS

WPS Office is a popular office suite that offers a wide range of templates and features to create documents. In addition, WPS also presents professional table of contents templates for free.

To access these templates, you need to go to the template gallery of WPS. You can search for the table of contents templates by entering relevant keywords like "table of contents" in the search bar.

Table of content templates on WPS Template

There are several pros and cons of WPS table of content templates:


  • Variety of templates: WPS offers many different types of table of content templates. These templates are readily available in the WPS template gallery.  

  • Convenient operation: WPS Office provides a seamless and integrated solution for creating a table of contents within its suite of applications. You can edit the table of contents directly on the web page and then download it, or you can download it first and then edit it as per your need.


  • Lack of uniqueness: As there are a lot of websites offering templates of a table of contents, your content may look like other templates.

2. Professional table of contents Templates in Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that offers a wide range of templates, including table of contents templates. You can create professional-looking documents and publications using these templates offered by Canva. These templates will save you a lot of time and effort by providing pre-designed and stylish templates. However, as Canva is basically a graphic design platform, you may require additional design skills and familiarity with the platform to use these templates.

Table of content templates on Canva


  • Accessibility and compatibility: Due to its web-based platform, the table of contents templates of Canva are easily accessible on computers, mobiles, and tablets and are compatible with various operating systems. This makes your work convenient and efficient.

  • Versatile designs: Canva offers a wide variety of table of content templates with unique and versatile designs. The platform's intuitive interface enables you to use and edit these designs as per your preference.


  • Limited customization: Although you can easily edit the content of the templates offered by Canva, however there are some limitations in editing the design of the templates.

  • Cost: Canva offers both free and paid templates. However, you cannot access all the features in the free templates, so you have to pay to get access to all resources.

3. Table of contents Templates in TemplateLAB

TemplateLab offers an easy-to-use and visually appealing table of content templates. All these templates are designed to help individuals and businesses create professional and organized tables of contents for their documents. The predefined sections and formatting styles of the table of content templates on TemplateLab can easily be customized to suit your specific needs. In addition, these templates can be used in different types of documents, such as reports, manuals, books, or academic papers.

Table of Content templates on TemplateLab

Following are the pros and cons of these templates:


  • Time-saving: Table of content templates on TemplateLab can easily be downloaded in a single click to your PC and save you a lot of time and effort. The pre-designed structure for organizing your document's content can easily be edited and modified as per your need.

  • Multiple Categories: The TemplateLab offers a table of content templates for multiple categories. For example, you can get a a table of contents template for dissertations, employee handbooks, magazines, marketing plans, portfolios, and business plans.


  • Limited functionality: These templates are generally designed to cater to basic functionality and basic designs of the table of contents. However, they cannot be used for complex business needs.

4. Table of Contents Templates in Best Collections

Best Collections present a wide range of precise, easy-to-read, perfectly formatted, and complete table of contents templates. This table of contents template collection aims to offer convenience and time-saving options for individuals and businesses by providing ready-to-use templates.

Additionally, these templates are simple in design but offer different layouts, font styles, and formatting styles. You can easily browse their available templates and learn more about their features and customization options on the website.

Table of Content templates on Best Collections


  • Simple Designs: The templates presented by Best Collection are very simple with minimalistic designs. This offers flexibility and customization options such as colors, fonts, layouts, and images, so you can adapt the template to match your personal preferences.

  • Latest templates: A good feature of Best Collection templates is that they regularly update the design and content of the templates. In this way, you get access to the latest designs and trends with a range of options.


  • Less Variety: There is a limited category of table of contents templates offered by Best Collections. The categories and types of these templates can be enhanced to meet the versatile needs of users.

5. Table of content Templates in SampleTemplates

SampleTemplates is another useful website for finding the Right Table of Contents Template. The platform offers a well-written and organized table of content templates. Using these templates, you can create high-quality documents and reports.

However, it is important to review all the templates in detail to match your requirements. The predefined sections and formatting styles can easily be customized to suit your needs for a document, report, or research paper.

Table of content templates on SampleTemplates

There are several advantages and limitations of these templates:


  • Personalized requirements: Although the templates available on SampleTemplates have a pre-defined design and functional structure. However, these templates are highly customizable and can be adjusted according to your personalized needs.

  • Diverse Options: The platform offers a range of template styles and designs that can cater to a wider audience with different aesthetic preferences. This includes offering templates with varying color schemes, typography choices, and layout options.


  • Lack of originality: As there is abundance of templates available online and freely accessible to everyone, so there is a risk of ending up with a document that looks similar to others who have used the same template. This can result in a lack of originality in your content.


What is the difference between a table of contents and an index?

A table of contents and an index are both tools used in documents to help readers navigate and locate specific information. However, both tools have different purposes.

The table of content, usually placed at the start of the document, provides an organized list of all the chapters, sections, and heading with the corresponding page numbers. Whereas, the index is generally placed at the end of the document and provides an alphabetical list of keywords and specific terms used in the document.

Can I use images in my table of contents?

Generally, there is no need to use images in the table of contents because the table of contents is a text-based list that outlines the structure and headings of a document, along with their corresponding page numbers.

However, if it is mandatory to use images in the table of contents, you can add these as a thumbnail.

How do I create a table of contents for an e-book?

You can create the table of contents for your e-book using Ceros. Ceros is a user-friendly platform for creating online content. It allows you to design and publish interactive digital experiences and unique documents.


Overall, when it comes to finding table of contents templates, there are several websites that stand out from the rest. In this article, we explored the top five websites that offer a wide range of table of contents templates.

We discussed the unique features with the pros and cons of each platform. Whether you're a student or a professional, these five websites offer a wealth of options to choose from in terms of a table of contents.

WPS template is among these top websites offering free table of content templates. WPS template is a part of WPS Office, a comprehensive office suite offering a range of productivity tools for creating, editing, and managing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is a popular alternative to Microsoft Office and provides compatibility with Microsoft file formats, making it easy to work with files across different platforms. You can easily download and use WPS Office by clicking on the link https://www.wps.com/.

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