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How to insert text box in Excel online

August 1, 2022

A Text box is likewise called a text field. A rectangular compartment for the text is utilized on the pages, (for example, internet browsers, entries, word processors, sign-in or enrollment pages, Gmail, and some more) to enter data (text). A text also helps you to maintain your text under a specified box and you can easily insert any text in it. Text box helps us to store typed text in the linked cell. It helps you to create large data entry spots without changing the column widths.

There are several ways to insert text boxes in excel.

Add a text box in excel Manually using the Developers tab.

1) Hover over to the Excel and Developer Ribbon on the top right corner of the excel.

2) After clicking on Develop Ribbon, there will be list that will appear.

3) Text Box option will appear, which the user will select and write the text.

Congratulations, you again find out how to add a text box in excel using the developer’s tab in it.

How to add a text box using the shape menu.

Adding a text box using the Shape Menu is not something that is known by individuals around the world. Shape Menu is known for its extra accessibility that it provides to the consumers, it involves the shapes and different other aspects including the text box.

1) Click on the Insert Ribbon, that will appear on the top of the access ribbon provided on the top of the software.

2) Upon clicking the shapes button, there will be list of the shapes that will appear in the form of the list, click on the shape containing A in the Basic Shapes column that shape will of the Text Box.

3) Click inside the box that will be appeared after clicking the Text Box.

Using the excel feature to insert the Text Box.

1) Open up a new spreadsheet and open a text box using an insert tab ribbon.

2) Click on the top bar of the ribbon, on the right side of Home option there is an option of Insert. After clicking on Insert button, click on the Text Box option on the bottom ribbon of the Insert Box.

Congratulations, you easily find how to add a text box in excel by using these steps.

Congratulation, you gain find how to add a text box in excel using the shapes option easily without any hassle.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find how to add a text box in excel.

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