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How to Make 2x2 Photos in WPS Office (Step-by-Step)

November 3, 2023

You can create 2x2 pictures in WPS Office, a free MS Office-compatible tool. It's useful for photos on passports, ID cards, or profiles. Learn to make 2x2 images quickly and edit pictures effectively with WPS Office, whether you're a beginner or experienced.

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How To Make A 2x2 Picture in WPS Office

Making a 2x2 picture can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools or skills. That’s why we have created this complete guide for you.

You will need WPS Office installed on your computer to follow this tutorial. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free from the official website.

To make a 2x2 picture in WPS Office, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open WPS Office and create a new document

  • Firstly, you have to launch WPS Office and make a new document. To do this click the WPS icon on your desktop or taskbar, and then select. This will cause the WPS Writer application which is similar to Microsoft Word, to be opened. For this tutorial we will use WPS Writer; you could also use WPS Spreadsheets or WPS Presentation.

Opening the WPS Writer

  • Once you open WPS Writer you will have a blank document. If you like, you could select a template in the NEW tab, although we will be using a blank document for the tutorial. To rename your paper, click on the save button at the top left corner, pick a place where you want to keep your document and give it an appropriate title.

Creating a blank document.

Step 2: Insert a picture from your computer or online sources

You then should insert an image into your document. The picture you choose should be any you like with a clear frontal shot of your face. To insert a picture from your computer, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Insert tab from the top menu bar and click on the Picture button. This will bring up a dialog box; from here, navigate and choose an image from the computer system. You can drag and drop in any pic from your documents.

Locating the Insert tab.

  • To open the selected picture, press ‘Open’. This is a button which inserts a picture into the document window that comes with this image. To move the picture, simply grab the edges or corner of it and drag it into a desired place or size. You may also align your image by using the alignment and spacing tools at the Format tab.

Step 3: Use the image editing tools to crop, rotate, and flip your picture

After you have inserted a picture into your document, you will need to use the image editing tools to crop, rotate, and flip your picture. These tools will help you make your picture fit the 2x2 size and orientation. To use the image editing tools, you can follow these steps:

  • Select any picture of your choice by clicking on it. This enables the Picture Tools toolbar at the top menu bar. These tools will allow you to manipulate your photo.

Locating the Picture Tools tab.

  • Clicking on the Crop button under the Picture Tools toolbar opens up a photo cropping window. Your image will display the crop handles at the sides and corners of the photograph. You can simply drag the crop handles in order to remove those extra parts in your photo. The picture can also be cropped to a particular shape like a circle or a star through the Crop to Shape function.

Crop by Shape options.

  • Make the picture face any direction by pressing the Rotate button under the Picture Tools group. This rotated handle can be seen at the top of your picture. By clicking the rotate handle you can turn your photo in any direction. Another way of rotating your photo by 90 degrees is using Rotate Left 90° or Rotate Right 90° options.

Rotate options.

  • To flip your photo, you click on the Rotate button, which is in the Arrange group. This shall display the following flip options, for example, Flip Vertical and Flip Horizontal. With these, you can flip your image vertically and horizontal.

Flip Options

Step 4: Resize your picture to 2x2 inches

Once you have edited your picture, you will need to resize it to 2x2 inches. This is the standard size for a 2x2 picture. To resize your pictures, follow the following steps:

  • Click on your picture to select it. This will show the size handles on the edges and corners of your picture. You can drag the size handles to resize your picture.

  • You can check the exact size of your picture by looking at the Size group on the Picture Tools tab. Since 2 inches is equal to 5.08cm, you input 5.08cm in both the height and width boxes after unselecting the lock aspect ratio.

Inputting the exact size into the width and height boxes.

Step 5: Save your picture as a separate file or insert it into your document

Finally, you will need to save your picture as a separate file or insert it into your document. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Right click on your picture and choose ‘Save as Picture’ to preserve it as a separate file. This will bring up a dialog box, allowing you to pick a place and name of your picture. Alternatively, you can select your preferred file type; for example, JPEG, PNG or GIF. To save your image click on Save button.

Showing the Save as Picture option

  • If you want to insert it to your document, leave the photo in place. You can also cut and paste it into another part of your text. To move your photo around you can use Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons on the home tab.

Congratulations! You have successfully made a 2x2 picture in the WPS Office. You can now use your picture for any purpose that you want. You can also use WPS Office for other image editing tasks, such as adjusting the brightness, contrast, and colour of your image, applying filters and effects to your image, and resizing your image in documents. You will learn more about these tips in the next section.

2 Common Tips to Enhance Your 2x2 Image

Having made your own 2x2 photo in the WPS Office, you most likely need to further enhance it. Through WPS Office you can alter the brightness, contrast and tone to an image in order to add filters and effects for it. Below are some pointers that can be used to perfect your image. Here are two common tips to enhance your 2x2 image in WPS Office:

Tip 1: Adjust the brightness, contrast, and colour of your image

The visibility and mood of an image depends on brightness, contrast, and colour. To alter your picture’s brightness, darkness, warmth or cold you can utilise WPS Office to alter the image settings. To adjust the brightness, contrast, and colour of your image, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose your image by clicking on it. This will open the “Picture Tools” tab at the top of the menu bar. This tab provides you with the tools that you will employ while editing an image.

  • There are the picture correction options that include brightness/contrast. To adjust brightness, select one of the provided options.

Showing the options to reduce and increase brightness and contrast.

  • Select ‘Colour’ from the ‘Adjust’ group and click it. Here we will see the dropdown menus of colour options.

Options in the dropdown menu from clicking the Color button.

Tip 2: Apply filters and effects to your image

Filters and effects are fun and creative ways to transform your image. You can use WPS Office to apply filters and effects to your image, such as artistic effects, shadows, reflections, and 3D effects. To apply filters and effects to your image, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose your picture by clicking. This opens the Picture Tools tab on the top menu bar. These options allow you to modify your image using the tools in this tab.

  • Click on the Effects button. Such options include Shadow, Soft Edges, Glow, and Reflection – this will demonstrate how artistic effects can be used.

Options in Effects dropdown menu.

These are two common tips to enhance your 2x2 image in WPS Office. You can experiment with different settings and effects to find the best combination for your image.

Additional: How can WPS resize images in documents?

With WPS Office, users can easily and swiftly resize any image used within a document to fit its design, topic or even page layout. The tool comes with resize handles – small circles or squares positioned at the corners and lines of the picture that can be dragged to change its size. Users can put the exact size of pictures in the form tab, remove unnecessary objects using the crop button, change settings by height and width boxes or by size and position buttons; all these tools are situated at the upper menu bar.

Why Choose WPS Office

You might be wondering why you should choose WPS Office over Microsoft Office, the most popular office software in the world. Well, there are many reasons why WPS Office is a better choice for your office needs. Here are some of them:

  • WPS Office supports all MS office formats and features. With these products you can work with word, excel, powerpoint files and many others without any problems of losses with quality and functionality. It is also compatible with the same keyboard shortcuts, commands, and menus used in Microsoft Office.

  • WPS Office – Free and Easy to Use! WPS Office can be downloaded and installed from the official site for free. It’s completely free and you may enjoy it even without advertisements. WPS Office is very user-friendly with an incredibly simplistic and easy to understand the interface.

  • WPS Office has additional functionalities and tools compared to Microsoft Office. The WPS office is more than an MS-Office clone. It possesses several functions which are missing from a pure-bred Microsoft office; namely the capability to edit images, convert PDF files, encrypt documents, support cloud services, and mobile applications. These are functionalities and capabilities that you can utilise to improve your work and learning.

  • WPS office has its own cloud service, mobile office suite, etc. This gives you an opportunity to access your files anytime using WPS Office. WPS Cloud offers you the facility of synchronising your files with your multiple devices. Alternatively, you may as well open and save files with the WPS Office app on your phone or tablet.

WPS office image showing its features

Well, I’ve used the WPS office since and find it really satisfying. It has been of great help for my job, or studies. With such competence, I am able to produce and modify documents, spreadsheet and presentation effortlessly. Using the WPS Office, I am also able to share and work jointly with other people. To all those in search of dependable and strong office suites, I advise them to use WPS Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will find some answers to frequently asked questions about WPS Office and image editing. These questions are:

Q: Is WPS Office free for image editing?

ANS: Yes, WPS Office is free for image editing. You can use WPS Office to edit images without any limitations or ads. You can also use WPS Office for other office tasks, such as creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Q: What is a 2x2 inches photo in cm?

ANS: A 2x2 inches photo is a square photo that measures 2 inches by 2 inches. In centimetres, this is equivalent to 5.08 cm by 5.08 cm. You can use WPS Office to resize your photo to 2x2 inches or any other size that you want.

Q: How to avoid image compression when saving files?

ANS: Image compression is a process that reduces the file size of an image by removing some of its data. This can affect the quality and appearance of your image. To avoid image compression when saving files, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the Menu tab on the top menu bar, and then click on the Options button. This will open a dialog box where you can change the settings of WPS Office.

  • On the General and Save tab, scroll down to the Save section. You can check the Do not compress images in the file box to prevent image compression. You can also choose the Default resolution for your images, such as high fidelity or print quality.

Selecting the Do Not Compress Images box.


To create a 2x2 photo using WPS Office, you would first launch the WPS Writer program and import an image that is saved on your computer or located on various internet resources. Next, take the image editing tool to selectively crop, rotate or create a flip effect on the photo. You then resize the picture by dragging the size and zoom tool of the ruler or the dialog box until the picture measures 2 x 2 inches. Lastly, before saving your photo, make sure that you have saved it in a single file or have inserted it into your document.

You should also improve your photos by tuning up the brightness, contrast, and colours as well as through using filters and effects. This article introduces us to an absolutely free but mighty office tool called WPS Office, which can be used for image editing as well.

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