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How to make a cell absolute in excel mac

February 18, 2022

Are you ready to master how to make a cell absolute in excel mac? After learning this WPS free course, you will be advanced from a beginner in WPS Spreadsheet.

· What is absolute cell in WPS Spreadsheet?

Absolute cell will remain the same when copied or when using the AutoFill function. You can find dollar signs($) in absolute cells and they are one type of cell references, the other one is Relative reference.

Cell reference is the address of cells.  Relative reference is the default cell reference in WPS Spreadsheet. When you copy the formula, the default relative cell address will change as the position changes.

And these rules are applied in WPS Spreadsheet mac.

· Example to calculate attrition in WPS Spreadsheet mac:

Without further ado, lets look at todays example.

Suppose we want to get the proportion of each expenditure category.

1. First, we need to calculate the overall expenditure. Select the cell C16, then enter =SUM(C3, C14). By doing so, you can get the summation of the values from cell C3 to cell C14.

You can also click here to see how to use SUM function to quickly calculate the sum.

2. Place your cursor at cell D3, then enter =C3/C16 to get a 0.05 with a currency number format.

3. Select column D, and then click the Number Format drop-down button to select percentage. Double-click the small cross in the lower right corner of cell D3. Then, several error messages will appear. When you divide a number by zero, the #DIV/0! error will come to you.

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5. The problem is caused by the default relative references for divisor in cell range D4:D14.

As you can see in the formula of cell C4, the system automatically set =C4/C17 instead of C4/C16 for cell D4. At this time, we need to fix cell C16.

Click cell D3, then put your cursor before cell C16. Press Fn+F4 to make it an absolute cell.

By doing so, when we click the small cross, WPS Spreadsheet will fill the remaining cells correctly.

In todays free WPS Office tutorial, we've learnedthe rules about absolute reference. WPS Spreadsheet, similar to Microsoft Excel,is avaliable for Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Did you get it?

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WPS Office Spreadsheet is helpful for various fields of studies: mathematics, statistics, data science, engineering, finance, and such. Rich in functions paired with teaching procedures, WPS Office Spreadsheet definitely is a professional and reliable toolkit.

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