How to make a professional resume for job online for free

March 11, 2022

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Are you still fretting about making a professional resume for a job?  If you are not experienced in office skills, it would be a tough job to make a resume from scratch. Read this free tutorial in WPS Academy and youll learn the skills to make such a resume for a job online for free.

· Download a professional resume for job online for free

1. Open WPS Office and head to the homepage.

2. Click Apps > Templates > Resume.

3. Choose the desired professional resume template and apply it by clicking Use Now.

· Edit the professional resume for job online for free

Step 1: Input the content according to the resume template.

Input your basic information in the resume template. Make sure your language is precise and the information is accurate. Try to use concrete examples and values to describe your achievements in the previous work experiences.

Step 2: Insert a profile picture to make the resume more professional.

1. Select the picture in the template to enter the Picture Tools tab.

2. Click Replace picture to insert your profile picture.

Step 3: Further format the resume as needed.

According to actual needs, you can also change the font style, font size, font color, font effects, alignment and spacing, etc.

With these steps,you are able to make a professional resume for job online for free. Did you get it?

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