How to make a reference page for a resume in WPS Office Word

March 11, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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When coming across an ideal job opportunity, are you still playing the role of an outsider because of the deficiency in resume making?WPS Academy will provide a free tutorial that explains how to make a reference page for a resume in WPS Office Word in detail, assisting you in landing an interview.

lWhat is a reference page for a resume in WPS Office Word?

A reference page, also a reference list, is a document providing the contact and background information on professional references, so that the prospective employer could call these references to learn about your work experience, professional performance, and personality.

In most cases, in order to avoid occupying valuable space on your resume, you don't need to add a reference page when first applying for an opening position. When the employer considers you as an ideal candidate, he or she will then require you to provide a reference list.

However, it doesn't mean the reference page isn't important. You should prepare it beforehand in case you are thrown into a rush and confusion.

lStraightforward steps to make a reference page for a resume in WPS Office Word

1. Based on the education and work information on your resume, list a group of corresponding references (ideally 3-5).

2. Open WPS Writer, and create a new blank document.

3. Go to the Insert tab, click the Shapes button, and select Rectangles in the drop-down list.

4. Drag to create a rectangle at the top of the page. In the Drawing Tools tab, click Fill to change its color. Click Outline > No Line.


5. Head back to the Insert tab, click Text Box > Horizontal Text Box, and drag to create two text boxes respectively on the left and right of the rectangle. On the left box, enter your name, and the other, your contact information.

6. In the quick toolbar on the right, click Shape Fill > Eyedropper, and select the color of the rectangle. Click Shape Outline > No line to remove the outline of the text box.


7. Repeat the above steps, insert a text box and enter Professional References in it.


8. Insert a text box and enter the appropriate contact information for each reference below the heading.

First and last name

Professional title

Company, university or other institutions the reference works at

Detailed address of the company, university or other institutions

Phone number

Email address

Relationship to the reference


9. Properly typeset the reference page. Adjust the parameters as font, spacing line, margins, etc.

Click How to format a resume in WPS Office Word to check more details.


10. In the Tools tab, click Export to PDF, set Save Path and Export Type, and click Export to PDF.


Nicely done! Now you can try to create a reference page of your own style in WPS Office Word.

In today's tutorial, we've learned about what a reference page is and how to make one in WPS Office Word. To explore more techniques helpful in job hunting, please visit WPS Academy via the following links.

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