How to make dynamic PPT in WPS Office

March 18, 2022

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· Steps to make dynamic PPT in WPS Office.

A dynamic PPT is much easier to draw audiences attention, especially when you created eye-catching animation effects for essential points. This free tutorial is provided to help you master how to make dynamic PPT in WPS Office. You are sure to accomplish a successful presentation with the help of these skills.

· Steps to make dynamic PPT in WPS Office.

Step 1: Choose dynamic effects for the objects in your PPT slides.

1. Select the object, and navigate to the Animation tab.

2. Choose an animation effect from the presets. You can also expand the options to view more effects.

3. Apply the desired effect with one click.

Step 2: Set the details of the dynamic effects in the PPT slides.

1. Click Custom Animation to pop up the Custom Animation pane.

2. Select the animation effect in the box.

3. You can click Change to change its animation effect.

4. You can click Remove to remove this animation effect.

5. At Modify, you can set more details for it. For example, you can choose With Previous at Start, From Bottom at Direction, and Fast at Speed.

6. If there are more than one animation effects, you can click the arrows at Re-order to change their order.

7. Then you can click Play to preview the animation effects.

Within only two steps, you are able to make a dynamic PPT. Try to design your own PPT slides with diverse animation effects provided by WPS Presentation right now!

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