How to make lines appear separately in WPS Office PowerPoint?

February 18, 2022

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Here are the steps to make lines appear one by one in WPS Office
What is WPS Presentation?
More uses of animations in WPS Presentation

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! After reading this free tutorial, you will master how to quickly make lines appear separately within 4 steps in WPS Office PowerPoint.

When designing slides, you may need to make lines appear one by one so that the lecture can be more clear and logically acceptable.

At this time, we can utilize the function of Animation to realize this operation.

  • Here are the steps to make lines appear one by one in WPS Office

1. Open WPS Presentation and locate the lines you want to apply the desired operation.

2. Select the line to appear first. (Note: If there are more than one element to select, you can double-click and drag the cursor to conclude them.) And click the Custom Animation button on the right ribbon.

3. Click the Add Effect drop-down button and select a desired Entance effect, for example, Appear here.

4. Likewise, you can repeat the above two steps to set the animations for the remaining lines. Then, the lines will be numbered based on the sequence.

Well done! Now the lines will appear one by one, and let's preview the effect.

  • What is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is a powerful module among WPS Office suite, which is trusted by over 1,000,000 users from different walks of life, including students, teachers, lecturers, business professionals and so on. As the best alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, WPS Presentation provides the users with hundreds of practical animations and many other powerful functions to fulfill the users' needs in daily work.

  • More uses of animations in WPS Presentation

If you want to learn more advanced skills about animation in WPS Presentation, please visit WPS Academy here for more free tutorials.

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