How to make text fit in Excel column

August 1, 2022

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The Autofit function of Excel automatically adjusts the row and column sizes of cells to fit inputs of various sizes. Without human input, it is intended to modify the column width and row height optimally. Here are some methods to make text fit in Excel.

The Excel autofit function adjusts every column's width to accommodate the row's biggest number. In a similar vein, it increases the height of every row to accommodate multi-line texts.

How to Use the Excel Ribbon to make text fit in Excel?

Another simple method for using autofit in Excel is this.

Follow these steps to use the Excel ribbon to apply the autofit feature:

Pick the necessary columns, then select the Autofit Column Width option from the Format drop-down box. The Cells group of the Home tab has the Format drop-down menu.

Select the appropriate rows, then click the Autofit Row Height button in the Format drop-down box.

Keyboard shortcuts for auto-fit to make text fit in Excel:

The only difference between this approach and the Excel ribbon method is that in this case, we access them via the Excel ribbon shortcuts.

Pick the rows or columns you wish to autofit as normal. When selecting numerous non-contiguous rows or columns, keep the Ctrl key pressed as you click on each one of them.

Then press Alt+H. The Home tab in the ribbon will be chosen and opened as a result.

Then press O. This will pick the Format menu and make it visible.

Use I to auto-fit the column width now. Alt+H > O > I

Use A for autofit row height. That is Alt+H > O > A


The Excel auto fit functionality could occasionally malfunction. Unaligned text or excess space at the conclusion of the text are the most common issues.

This is typically brought on by the use of duplicate features that contradict, such wrap text.

There isn't a set way to do things that is absolute. However, there is a solid procedure you may use to troubleshoot it.

By clicking and dragging any column boundary with your mouse, you may select all the cells in the sheet. Now, reset the auto fit function in the sheet by double clicking on any of the row or column boundaries. In most circumstances, this will resolve the problems.

Best substitute if Autofit isnt working:

Even though the Excel autofit tool is incredibly useful, it is not always the best option, especially when dealing with lengthy text strings. In these circumstances, you can display the text across numerous lines by using the wrap text function.

The Merge function is a significant substitute for autofit. Click the Merge & Centre button in the Alignment Group under the Home tab after selecting two or more neighbouring cells that you want to extend to make text fit in Excel.

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