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How to name a table in excel on mac

July 22, 2022

Excel has emerged as a major discipline in today's world of business and accounting. It is a powerful application that plays a major role in data analysis. Excel is a spreadsheet which consist of organized data and charts. There are several operations in excel that have been proven beneficial for its user in terms of obtaining discrete date and in saving time.

Naming tables is one of the important skills of excel. Excel table highlights the major contents of a worksheet. It is a display of contents representing the entire excel spreadsheet. By default the names of tables are set as Table1, Table2 etc. The name of excel table can be changed. There are many excel users which are incapable of naming excel tables. Through this article we will explain same simple steps and techniques that would make it easy to comprehend the process of naming tables.

How to name a table in table design

A simple and accessible method of naming tables is to rename the table in table design. Naming tables in this manner requires some simple steps

  1. First we will click the table that we want to rename.

  2. After that we will go to table design.

  3. Then we will enter the desired name of the table.


How to name a table by using name manager

Name manager is another way which is used to name the table. The steps given below will help you in accessing name manager to name the table.

  1. Firstly, we will go to formula tab then we will click the option of name manager.

  2. Another way of activating the feature of name manager is by clicking CTRL+F3.

  3. Then we will select the table that we want to rename and then we will edit the name of the table.

How to delete names with errors

There are certain tools in excel that can delete the names with automatically. It is a very useful and time saving feature:

  1. First we will go to name manager then we will click the option of filter.

  2. After that we will click on name with errors

  3. Then we will select all names and click the delete button which will erase all the names with errors.

Rules of naming tables

Before naming the table there are some limitations and rules that we have to keep in mind. If we will not consider these rules it would result in failure of naming the table. These rules are as follows:

  1. The name of the table should be followed by underscore (_) or backlash (\). It is impermissible to use C, c and R in naming tables as they represents different functions in excel.

  2. Cell reference cannot be used as the name of table.

  3. For the separation of words in table name underscore should be used instead of space.

  4. There should be maximum 225 characters in a name.

  5. Every table should have a different name. Same name for two tables cannot be used.

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