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How To Name An Excel Table Automatically

February 13, 2023

Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps individuals to analyze, organize and manage their data efficiently. So, learning and understanding its basic concept is a must for every other person. As this software is not only limited to a specific sector and is used vastly.

Now, Excel has a function of naming tables by default, and it names them as Table 1, Table 2, and the follow-up goes on. But, you can edit and rename it as per your choice. Although, this method and assigning cell range names are similar.

When it comes to the naming table in excel, it follows some specific rules, and you are supposed to follow them for naming your table.

The Follow-up Includes:

  1. First Word: An Excel table should start with a character a slash (\) and an underscore (_). And your table name should not start with the lettersF, f ,H, h as such characters are commanded to function for other purposes.

  1. Separation of Name: Multiple words cannot be separated with a space on your table. So, for that, you should either use a full-stop/dot or an underscore.

  1. Reference of Cell: The cell reference cannot be used as a excel table name.

  1. Prevent Repetition: Excel in its workbook does not allow its user to have two or multiple tables having the same name. Moreover, it considers both lower- and upper-case letters as the same. So, you cannot trick excel by naming your tables as CUSTOMERDATA and customerdata

  1. Limitations: Excel follows the check and balance policy and consequently, the limitation of characters is a must, as the cell is not supposed to exceed the limit of 255 characters.

Now, when you name excel table, sofware shows an alert error message on your screen. It means you have not followed the points mentioned above.

Name Excel Table in WPS Office:

  1. If you looking forward to changing the name of your table you must open the spreadsheet first.

  1. Consider those cells from the table which you want to rename.

  1. Now, when you have selected a cell, go to the Table Design tab. And in Mac simply click Table.

There you go you can simply rename it now.

Manage to name excel table by using other function in Excel:


Excel provides multiple solutions for all of its users. Its functions make it easier for its user to fulfill their task using various types of methods.

So, the other method includes the following steps:

  1. Click on the Formula icon on excel ribbon, and select Name Manager.

  1. An icon will pop on your screen, just select and double click on the desired table name and rename it.

  1. At last, click on okay or the enter key.

There you have your table name for your spreadsheet.

So, do you understand the methods to name excel table in Excel spreadsheet?

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