How to Name Table in Excel 2010

July 22, 2022

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You can use the Table command to convert a list of data into a formatted Excel Table. Tables have many features, such as sorting and filtering, that will help you organize and view your data. Using tables in Excel allows you to analyze your data quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the more tables you have in your spreadsheet, the more complicated things can become.

If you’re working with multiple tables, it can help to name them so that you’re not confusing Table1 with Table11. There are a few quirks when you’re renaming Excel tables, however.

If you want to know how to name a table in Excel, follow the steps below.

Rules for Name Tables in Excel

Before you learn how to name a table in Excel, it’s important to know which names are allowed, and which aren’t.

When you’re renaming an Excel table, you’ll need to comply with the following rules:

The name must begin with a letter, underscore, or backslash.The remaining characters can be letters, numbers, underscores, or periods.You can’t use the names “C”, “c”, “R”, or “r” as these are designated shortcuts in Excel.You can’t use a space between words. Either run words together or use an underscore or period to separate them.You can’t use a cell reference as a table name.You have a maximum of 255 characters.Each table name must be unique.Table names with the same characters but different cases, such as TABLE and table, are considered to be the same name.

How to Name Table in Excel Using Table Tools?

Now that you know the rules for naming your tables, you’re ready to rename them. The process is slightly different if you’re using Windows or Mac.

How to Name Table in Excel on Windows?

To rename an Excel table on Windows:

1.Click anywhere in the table that you want to renameClick on your table name in the Table Name box.

2.Highlight the entire table name.Enter the new name for your table and press Enter.

If you’ve broken any of the rules above, you’ll see a message that your table name isn’t valid.

3.Enter a different name and press Enter again to save the table name.

How to Navigate to a Table in Excel

Once you’ve named your tables, you can quickly navigate to any of your tables by using the Address bar.

1.To navigate to an Excel table:

2.Click on the down arrow in the Address bar.

3.Now click on the name of the table you want to navigate to from the drop-down list.

Excel will navigate to your table. This works even if the table is on a different sheet.

Knowing how to name a table in Excel can make life easier when you’re working with a lot of different tables in one spreadsheet.

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