How to open text file in excel

July 26, 2022

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When working on a variety of projects, you may find yourself needing to open a text file in Excel for a variety of reasons. Data generation can be carried out in a variety of ways, just like the design of every application for a given purpose. Word has the ability to produce documents with the look and feel of a PDF. Text files can be made in a variety of applications, but they must be opened in Excel because of the data they contain. A slow project is the result if you don't know how to open text file in Excel.

This article explains how to open text file in Excel using three distinct approaches, so that you may continue your work. A few minutes of your time here and you'll be able to open the text file in Excel and get to work!

How To Open Text File in Excel: First Method by embedding text file into excel

1. Click inside of the cell of WPS spreadsheet where you want to embed the file.

2. Now go to the insert and click on object which will be on the right side of WPS spreadsheet.

3. After clicking the object you will shown up insert object window select the create from file option and then browse the file you want to embed to WPS spreadsheet.

4. Once you browse the file you want to embed, click on display as icon option and hit ok and your file will be embedded to WPS worksheet.

How To Open Text File in Excel: Second Method by importing text file into excel

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet where you want to save the data and click the Data tab. And go to the import data option which is circled in following picture.

2. Once you open the import data option you will find the options choose import data again.

3. Click ok in the pop-up window.

4. Now select data source it means the from which text file you want to get the data which you want to convert to excel which is show by number 1 in following picture. And then click the next option and choose the file from your computer you want to convert.

5. Once you click the next the file conversion window will be open stay with other encodings and click next

6. Now you have text import wizard-step 1 of 3 window stay with “delimited” and click the next.

7. Now you have text import wizard-step 2 of 3 window stay with tab and then click next.

8. Now stay with the General option and click finish.

9. Once you will click the finish your data will be imported to the excel.

How To Open Text File in Excel: third Method by converting text file into excel

1. Copy the text you want to convert to columns.

2. Paste the text to your worksheet, and select the cells you want to convert.

3. Once you select the cell you want to convert Click Data tab choose Text to Columns. It will pop up a Convert Text to Columns Wizard Dialog Box.

4. Choose the file type that best describes your data and click Next.

• The Delimited option means that characters in your text, such as commas or tabs, divide each field.

• The Fixed Width option aligns fields in columns with space between each field.

5. Define the data delimiters, such as tab, semicolon, comma, space, and others.

6. Select the Date Format in Column data format, and a data preview will appear in the dialogue box.

Finally, your material will appear in numerous columns. Tab and space are used as delimiters in this example. Other delimiters are possible. By checking several check boxes, you can see how your data will be divided.

This article outlines the procedures necessary that how to open  text file in  Excel spreadsheet. Please visit the WPS Academy website for further information on the WPS office. You may also get a free download of WPS Office from this site, which allows you to edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.