How to print envelopes from word mac ?

June 15, 2022

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One of the most common document-making tools with simple WPS Office features allows you to print envelopes from word easily. It is one of the simplest functions available, but not all the knowledge to do it safely and effectively.

It is possible print envelopes from word in a few seconds without too many complications. In just seconds, the formats can apply to achieve it. However, complete familiarity with the options available in the program's menu is required.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading this article created especially for you.

How to make a lengthy to print envelopes from word a document on Mac or Windows?

  1. Open a blank Word in any program version and enter the Post Office box to click on Envelopes.

  2. In the text box, you will see 2 blocks in which you must enter the delivery and return addresses. In both places, you must place the corresponding name and address.

  3. Then, you should enter Options and press Envelope size to customize the dimensions you need for print envelopes from word

How to know if the document is ready to print envelopes from word?

  1. Once the dimensions have been assigned, you must click on Preview, where you will have access to the printer's control in the Word document.

  2. Tap Envelope Options and then Print Options to view the location of the envelope on the sheet. There you can also see if it is face up or face down.

  1. If the envelope is short-end fed, you can rotate it to your preference and correct text placement. You will again have a preview before printing, an option allowed in versions of the program before and after 2013.

How to print envelopes from word on Mac with addresses?

If you find yourself manually feeding the envelope, you are about to print from your printer's manual feed tray. It is important to make sure you have inserted it correctly and have previously reviewed your printer's instructions for the correct print envelopes from word 2013

  1. Click on Add to document to later insert a page at the top of the document that is being used but with envelope format

  2. After finishing the modifications, you must click on Accept and Print.

  1. Obtained the envelope, you can check the number of pages you want to choose, the address of the envelope, and the printing format

This is the best way to have a quality and personalized envelope with all the features you need to apply.

Although it is an option that has always been available for Word documents, it was better known in years close to print envelopes from word 2016, because before you did not look for print envelopes from word and you bought the traditional and old ones, it is a simple task.

For anyone familiar with tools of this type, it can be considered an excellent time-saving strategy. Money and have an envelope that cannot alter in any way.

In addition to the above operations, you can also use a simpler operation way, download WPS Office for print envelopes from word 2013, to get a more relaxed and enjoyable office experience.