how to print envelopes from word on mac ?

June 15, 2022

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Through Word documents, you can carry out a wide variety of office activities as long as you have the necessary knowledge. In this way, how to print envelopes from Word has become a necessity if you want to create a quality document. Learning how to print envelopes from Word a document you will have at your disposal the best ways to make a document.

In this way, the office work you get to do will have a much more professional appearance and be highly organized. Knowing how to print envelopes from Word 2010, you will have a way to make an envelope you can address the recipient in question appropriately. This is why how to print envelopes from Word is very important if you dedicate yourself to carrying out such office tasks.

How to make a simple and effective envelope in word 2016?

Sometimes making an envelope can be complicated if you don't have the knowledge required to carry out this task, so it is important to know how to print envelopes from Word. In this way, your results will be much more efficient, and you will notice that by knowing how to print envelopes from Word free, your activities will be much faster and more efficient.

1. With the document open, go to the tab called Correspondence and select Envelopes in the Create section.

2. Once this option is selected, you will notice that a menu opens that will allow you to fill in a series of data, such as the shipping address and the return address. Once you have filled in this information, click on options.

3. Once you are in the new menu that has appeared, go to envelope options to change both the font and the size of the letters.

4. Go to the Print Options section so that you can choose the type of envelope you are going to use.

5. Once you have clicked on Ok, you notice that your document has changed, then go to the File tab and select Print. In Custom printing, type 1, and your envelope will be printed.

Configure the printing of your envelopes in word on mac safely

If you are on a different device than the one most people use, you will notice that even the interface of the writing environment will change.

This is why it is ideal that you learn how to print envelopes from Word 2013 so that you can make your documents without any problem. Knowing how to print envelopes from Word is ideal if you are not a great expert in using these office programs.

1. Open your document in Word, go to the Shipping tab, and then click on envelopes.

2. Once this is done, you will notice that a new tab opens with a certain number of options, among which you can type both the shipping address and the return address, font and size.

3. Once you have modified each section according to your tastes and needs, proceed to save the configuration. To do this, check the Insert this envelope in the active document checkbox and then proceed to save said envelope on your computer. Click on File and decide the place where you will save said envelope.

Making envelopes can become a necessary and complicated task if you don't know how to print envelopes from Word properly. This causes you to lose time significantly when making said envelopes.

Although these are complete options, it is always good to have a wide repertoire of tools. Download and use WPS Office to achieve great results in each of your documents.