How to print front and back on word 2010 on mac

July 22, 2022

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Knowing how to print front and back on word is a very practical tool that, previously, was complicated to use because it was not always known how printer did this job. Currently, there are several ways to achieve it without problems so that you can apply the most comfortable one, and that does not limit how to print front and back on word 2010, being an older version.

The sheets have two sides, and sometimes it is necessary to apply the how to print front and back on word either to save sheets or to want to place information in information in both places on the same sheet. If you want to know how to do it, read on to become an expert.

How to print front and back on word verifying if you have a duplex printer?

Duplex printers make it easy to print front and back on word free because they immediately print both sides, and you don't have to get too complicated. To find out if your printer supports this function, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the Word document and press Print. Look for the Double-sided or Duplex box and check the settings preferences.

  2. If you don't have this setting, go to your printer's manual to access the index of print types or search for Duplex printing and printer type.

  1. Change the configuration as the manual exposes because, in some printers, you must change the default configuration so that you do not have to modify it every time you print.

  2. Check if you can connect your computer to this printer. Enter My Computer and add the printer that will help you print on both sides and then print as you always do from word.

How to print front and back on word by changing the default settings?

The default configuration in how to print front and back on word on mac can also be done with these steps and is associated with the previous process, especially so that you do not have to repeat it in future prints. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. If you already have a Duplex printer, go to the document's print options and check Duplex Printing in the drop-down menu.

  2. Select manual duplex printing if automatic duplex does not appear. In it, the program prints several alternates on the first side of the sheet so that you reinsert the paper for printing on the back.

  3. Go to the Print dialog box in the printer application.

  4. Browse through all the options and choose Manual Duplex to save your settings.

  5. Go back to the document and print it. The program will request that you reposition the pages for printing on the back.

How to print front and back on word manually?

This is the best-known way of how to print front and back on word 2013 and other previous versions, which can also be applied today as follows:

  1. Open the word document.

  1. Click on Print.

  2. Click the option that says Print on odd pages and then click OK.

  3. Put the paper back in the printer. You must understand how the paper feed works because you may need the sheets to be face up or face down. You can do some tests for further guidance.

  4. Go back to the document, choose Print even pages, and click OK to have the other side of the printout.

Thus, finally, you will have determined how to print front and back on word 2016 and other previous versions of the program, taking the one that is most convenient for you and the operating system. Take into account the care of paper feeding so as not to have changed in the orientation of the sheets and that you achieve the objective of how to print front and back on word.

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