how to print in microsoft word 2010 ?

June 15, 2022

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Although it is true that with the advancement of technology, it is no longer so necessary to print the documents you make and receive, you can manage everything through the internet. The truth is that knowing how to print in Microsoft Word is still of great help when carrying out this task.

This is why learning how to print in Microsoft Word will not only optimize your time to a great extent when making use of printing your documents. You can count on the necessary knowledge to carry out these tasks regardless of the interface you are in and the number of pages to print.

How to print easily in word 2010?

It is not a secret that Word has a wide variety of versions that can vary between them depending on the year that Word is said. Because of this, you should know how to print in Microsoft Word a document quickly and safely. In this way, you can get promising results simply by properly using how to print in Microsoft Word.

1. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of Word's top toolbar, then select Quick Print.

2. This way, the Quick Print button will be displayed so that it can be used without any problem and in a simple way.

Make duplex printing in word 2016 without any effort

On many occasions, knowing how to print in Microsoft Word in a basic way is not enough to make a print properly, so it is necessary to make a double or duplex print. This way, you can save sheets, but you must know how to print in Microsoft Word free. This is a great advantage since once you know how to print in Microsoft Word, you will enjoy all its benefits.

1. With your Word document open, you must go to the File tab and choose Print. This is followed by selecting the option Print manually on both sides to activate the duplex function.

2. For greater precision when printing, select Only print odd pages, and you can even use Only print even pages. In this way, you will have better control when making an impression.

Double print in Word using mac

If you are a user of Mac computers, you will notice that the interface can be a little different and even much more minimalist than other interfaces. This is why learning how to print in Microsoft Word 2013 can become one of your highest priorities. With the help of these instructions, you will successfully learn how to print in Microsoft Word in the most appropriate way.

1. Choose the File tab. Once the pop-up menu is open, select your printer to the Microsoft Word section. After this, mark the options of odd or odd pages according to your preference and click on Print.

2. Once the printing process is finished, turn over the sheets in your printer depending on their model and select the remaining set of pages.

Without a doubt, knowing how to print in Microsoft Word could benefit you greatly since you will not have to carry out the trial and error process; thus, your impressions will be very precise. This way, you will save on materials and the time you must invest in making these prints.

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