How to print labels from word 2013 ?

June 15, 2022

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Label customization does not require the use of advanced applications or programs because it would make the task tedious and complex. Thanks to the opportunity to make Word documents or to use WPS Office, you can print labels from word with simple steps that will give you an enjoyable experience where you can let your creativity do the best work.

You can make personal or professional labels, all of them will have the same quality and finish that will help you leave your touch. Learn here everything you need to be able to print labels from word for an excellent result.

How to identify the steps to print labels from word 2016?

  1. In a blank document, go to the mails option and then press Labels.

2. Type the information you want on the label into the Address box in the open window.

      3. Before printing you can indicate the pages you want of the same label in Options to later specify the labels and columns you want with the precise number of labels.

How to make custom settings before printing labels from word on Mac?

This configuration is aimed at the printing labels from word process, being as important as the information details of the labels.

  1. In the Label section you will have a description of the selection of the current label, being possible to change it by pressing Options

  1. In the Options menu you can detail how the labels will be printed and the brand of them in Details.

  1. With Product number you can choose the type of label.

  1. Check under Tag Information, which depends on the number of tags you select. When satisfied, press OK, verify that the printer is selected, and press Print.

How to print labels from word that have different characteristics on the same page?

Exactly the same tags are not always needed, so it can be very useful to make several types of them on the same page. This function is found in all versions of the print labels from word 2010.

  1. Enter the mails option and select Labels to have a pop-up window in which you will click on Options.

  1. Set the list style to Product Number and click OK to return to the Envelopes and Labels window and click New Document.

  1. Thus, you will have the Word document with blank labels and you will be able to place the information you want to print labels from word them later.

Personalized labels allow anyone who receives them to be special for it and you have the opportunity to print labels from word in various ways. Currently many use versions of the program that stood out between print labels from word 2013 and 2016, but it is possible to make the impressions in more updated alternatives of the packages, which can give an innovative appearance.

In addition to the above operations, you can also use a simpler operation way, download WPS Office, to get a more relaxed and enjoyable office experience.