how to print on word mac ?

June 15, 2022

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Printing can be a difficult method for many users, but it is one of the easiest tasks in Word. Experts did not hesitate to create a guide explaining how to print on Word through super-simple steps. With this guide, you will not only learn to print one sheet but all the sheets you want in a matter of seconds.

You will also have the opportunity to know how to print on word 2010 on both sides so that you can save paper. Do not stop reading this post, so you will know how to use this method correctly when printing your most important documents. Before printing your documents, perform these steps, which will be shown below, for a positive result.

How to print on word on mac?

You can print any document you have created in the word processor (Word). For example, keep this guide on how to print on word 2016, with these simple steps, from brochures, magazines, and posters.

1. Enter the Word program, select the file you want to print, and place the document in preview. In case of multiple pages, move the arrows back and forth.

2. If you can't read the text, use the slider at the bottom of the page. Zoom in until you can get much sharper letters.

3. Select the number of sheets you want to print and click the Print button.

How to print on Word multiples documents?

Today, you have the advantage of having the best courses on how to print on word free, through the internet.

1. In the Page Layout tab, click Page Setup.

2. In the Page Setup option, activate the Fit to box.

3. In the Pages wide boxes, enter the number of sheets you want to print.

How to print on Word online 2013?

It is always important to know these instructions before printing any Word document. This how to print on word 2013 guide offers you the best and easiest steps to do.

1. Select File and then Print – Print. In the case of using Word for the web, the document will be copied in PDF format.

2. Choose the printer in the settings and then click Print.

3. On the top of the print page, you will find the Copies tab and select print.

The how to print on word a document guide is one of the most requested by users since it is sometimes difficult for them to do this function. That is why today you have the opportunity to have these articles, which give you the best learning. Your printer may show you printing options, black and white, color, etc. The options can be found in the configuration.

To learn more about how to print on word, you can follow WPS Academy and get more features of Word. Do not stop having the most fundamental tools. They are always necessary to apply them in your work. Around the world, millions of people use Word 2013, know the basic tools, and put them into practice.

You can also download WPS Office to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents through the best platforms. Enter and download it for free and enjoy the best information to do your work easily and pleasantly. You will be satisfied with the available content the application has for you.