How to printing an envelope in word for mac ?

June 15, 2022

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Although it is not always necessary to printing an envelope in Word a document, it is important to know how to implement this function to have the correct results. It is available for versions of the program or printing an envelope in Word 2010, 2013, and 2016, including other more current ones that tend to be the most used in most operating systems.

If you need to do it, you will know the steps to follow for printing an envelope in Word practically and safely. Thus, when you want to send a letter or need to customize an envelope for any procedure, you can do it in a few minutes without problems.

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How to set up a return address before printing an envelope in Word on Mac and Windows?

Before creating the envelope, you must include the return address in case you want to put it on the envelope.

Which to do printing an envelope in Word from Mac and Windows?

How to check print options before printing an envelope in Word from Mac and Windows

Before sending any document or batch of envelopes to Print, it is advisable to check the print settings to avoid errors.

  1. Before printing a batch of envelopes, do a test print of just one and, if it's OK, press Print indicating the quantities you want.

In this way, you will have had the best result when printing an envelope in Word, but you can also choose to print several at the same time that needs to be sent to different places with the same return address. Keep in mind the testing processes needed in a document from the moment you start the configuration until you go to printing an envelope in Word 2013.

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