How to reduce file size in Excel 2016

July 22, 2022

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There are many ways by which we can easily reduce file size in excel. Circulating large files with company colleagues and managers becomes a painful process So it is always important to minimize our file size. Even one more benefit of reducing file size is that the Excel run will maintain.

Steps to reduce file size are as follows.

1) The number of data and sheets attached which is not necessary also increases the size of the file, deleting the unnecessary worksheets and data is the simplest form to reduce file size in a spreadsheet.

2) By clicking on tools a bar will appear on the top bar several options will get open.

3) After clicking on the tool button several options will open and now click on document slimming by which your document will be cise and it reduces file size.

4) After clicking on the Document slimming your file size will reduce

NOTE: Easily by following these steps, congratulations you reduce file size.

How to reduce file size in Excel the using format method.

This is also an option by which you can easily reduce your file size and send it to other colleagues easily in companies.

NOTE: This function also requires some steps which are given below.

1) Remove formatting such as highlights, borders and conditional formatting also improves the speed of the spreadsheet and reduces its file size also.

By clicking on the formatting option which is shown in the example also by which everything from the cells including formats, formulas, and other unnecessary data will be deleted, and in that way file size will be concise.

How to reduce file size in Excel using save in binary format.

This is also a function by which we can reduce our file size and easily concise our file in excel. For this, there are some steps which are below.

This function will work at the time of saving a file.

1) When you finish your spreadsheet and are ready to save it there are few options will appear.

2) By clicking on the file type which is highlighted above several options will appear.

3) In these several options click on the highlighted form which is shown below, so automatically your file size reduce and will save.

Congratulations on this step you again easily reduce your file size.

So by all these 3 steps you concise your file and improve the excels running speed.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find the right way to reduce file size in excel.

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