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How to reduce file size in excel

July 22, 2022

In the current era, many useful applications have been introduced that have flourished the field of business. Excel is one of the software programs that provide all the accessibilities of organizing and sorting data. It plays a vital role in accounting and financial analysis. Excel has emerged to be an essential aspect in the field of business and accountings.

Excel contains a number of functions but a lot of beginners as well as professionals are unable to access these functions. One of operations of Excel is reducing file size. Large sized files are difficult to download and they also take a lot of time in opening and sending which results in havoc for the excel users . Sometimes some files are to be handled in specific time large sized files results in wastage of time. This article highlights some important steps which would help to reduce your file size.

How to reduce file size in Excel by binary format

 Binary format is the best way to reduce file size. Most of our files in excel are saved in default format which causes file size to increase. To solve this problem, you can save your file in binary format.

  1. To change the default format to binary we will click on file button then will click on save as option.

  2. After that we will type the file name then we will save it in binary format.

How to reduce file size by removing conditional formatting

Most of the excel users use of conditional formatting for highlighting important data. It is an unnecessary feature and by removing this you can easily reduce you file size. The following steps will help you in clearing this feature

  1. First we will click on home tab then we will select the option of conditional formatting.

  2. After that we will click clear all rules which will result in deactivation of conditional formatting.

How to reduce file size by compressing image size

The addition of images of large size increases file size. The size file size greatly determined by image size. Reduction of image size also reduces the file size. The desired image can be compress by following steps

  1. First select the image then click on picture tool

  2. After that click on compress option and reduce the size of your image.

How to reduce file size by removing formulas

For organizing and manipulating data formula are used. Many of

These formulas are useless and are not replaced by values. By removing such formula file size can be reduced

We will go to the home tab and then we will check formula box by clicking on the option go to special after clicking find and select then check the unchecked formula box. This process causes removal of unnecessary formulas.

How to reduce file size by cropping worksheet

Large file size are also caused by the presence of unused rows. For the deletion of unused rows, first select them the rows then we will click right to delete these rows.

These are some essential methods which can be used for the reduction of file size. You can follow WPS office Academy for accessing Word document, PowerPoint and excel spread sheets.

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