How to remove a blank page in the word beginner guide

July 22, 2022

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How to remove a blank page in word? Blank pages are those pages that are created in the word due to any accidentally clicking or in the word. A beginner-level person can ignore this page which is not the best thing to consider. In other words, blank pages are in your professionalism and show their impact on the written draft. All you need to remove these pages to make your document professional and get rid of any kind of client revision. If you don’t know How to remove a blank page document in this step-by-step guide I'll explain all about removing a blank page in word.

How to remove a blank page in word 2016

Is there any solution to remove a blank Page in word 2016? There is no such specific way to remove a blank page as just clicking one tool on the page. It has a step-by-step procedure to follow

1 Click on paragraph markers to create a page break.

2 Now press CTRL+A or double click on it to select.

3 Hit the Delete key to easily remove a blank page in word 2016.

How to remove a blank page in word 2010 last of the document

If you try different things to control the creation process of the last blank page at the end of the document. Here's how you can remove a blank page in word 2010

1 Navigate the page and select the paragraph marks on the page.

2 Drag or drop the cursor to select CTRL+A.

3 Click on Hide characters on the Home tab.

4 Select the page break by double click.

5 Hit DELETE to remove a blank page at the end of the word document

Convert word to PDF for removing blank pages in word

Here are the few steps that come into play for removing blank page documents in word by converting word to pdf.

1 Save your document as a PDF.

2 Go to File and click on Save to save the document.

3 Click on options from saves as dialog box.

4 Select pages option from the Options tab that pops out.

5 Now convert the document into PDF form.

If you can complete the procedure in the exact given steps you’ll see the blank page is automatically removed in seconds.

How to remove blank pages in word by removing page break

One of the main reasons for the creation of blank pages is page break. In other words, you need to remove a blank page to make your document professional.

1 Click on the Home tab and open paragraph markers.

2 Now double-click the paragraph markers and select it.

3 Hit DELETE to remove the page break.

These steps are used by a complete beginner-level person to delete the unwanted pages in a short period.

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