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How to remove a page break in Word document on mac?

July 22, 2022

How to remove a page break in a word? In the long-form of word documents, it's necessary to have a few page breaks in the document. In other words, a page break is used as a marker to split one page into another and is very helpful in case of printing the word document. Sometimes page breaks create problems for our professionally organized word document in that situation removing a page break is the best option to consider. Similarly, page breaks have two different types one is Automatic page break and the second one is manual page break. In this article, you're going to learn about How to remove a page break in the word.

How to remove the automatic page break in word 2013 document

A page break that is automatically generated is called an automatic page break. Here a few key steps to follow to remove automatic page breaks.

1.Open word document in word 2013.

 2. Click on the Home Tab and Now click on paragraph show and hide icons.

3. Go to the page break.

4. Now select and press DELETE to remove the automatically created page break.

How to remove a page break in word manually created Free

The second type of page break is a manual page break. By following the step-by-step instructions you can delete the manual page break.

1.Open a word document and click on the Home tab.

2.Press the CTRL+ H to replace the tab.

3.Now click on Replace.

4. Click on special and manual page break on the drop list.

5.  Put anything in the replace box.

6. Now click on Replace.

How to remove a page break on Mac?

How to remove a page break on Mac is completely easy. In this little guide, you'll easily understand to delete a page break on Mac.

1. Open a word document and click on Home Tab.

2.Now click on all non-printing characters.

3.Go and Click to the end of the word document.

4.Press delete until all the page breaks can be removed.

How to remove a page break in word online

Most of the time people are working on the online version of the word and face issues with the page breaks. Here are the few steps to follow that help you remove the page in word.

1.Open the word document.

2.You'll see the line below the page break.

3.Click on the below line and press DELETE.

You can simply remove the page break in a minute or less by following this method.

How to remove a page break in word 2010

Sometimes people face the problem of page breaks in word 2010 and are confused about removing the page break. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow for removing the page break.

1. Open the word document that you want to delete from the menu.

2. Scroll down to see the exact place of page break probably in the middle or last of the sentence.

3. Now click on the Home tab.

4. Click on Show/ hide the button from the paragraph section.

5. Highlight the page break and click on the left side of the margin.

6.Finally press the DELETE button or Backspace to remove the page break.

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