How to remove a page in a word doc on mac

July 22, 2022

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While working or editing on word sometimes we need to delete some pages. Also we add some blank pages unconsciously and also we write extra content on page, so it’s a best idea to remove whole page. Are you confused about how to remove a page in a word doc? By pressing “Backspace” key with “Delete” key we can delete whole pages.

How to remove a page in a word doc? Here we will discuss three methods with screenshot of each step. This tutorial is shown for Windows operating system but also works similarly on Mac.

How to remove a page in a word doc on Mac or Windows

1.Open word and create a new word document.

2.Place the cursor on the page which you want to delete it.

3.In order to delete page, press “backspace” button on keyboard and then press “delete” button on keyboard. Blank page will get deleted.

This is the most simple way of deleting pages in word/

How to remove a page in word doc by deleting paragraph marks on Windows or Mac

1.In some cases numerous paragraphs caused blank pages. First we have to delete all paragraph marks on a page to delete a page.

2.Click “home” tab. Ribbon panel of home tab will appear.

3.Go to “Word typesetting” option at the right side of menu bar. Click it.

4.A Drop down menu will appear with 8 options.

5.Now click “delete” option in drop down menu.

6.You will see more options after clicking delete option.

7.Click “Delete blank paragraph”.

Following these steps will delete pages easily.

How to remove a page in word doc with Find and Replace option in word document on Windows or Mac

1.Click “home” tab. Ribbon bar will appear.

2.On Ribbon panel of home tab you will see “Find and Replace” option. Click it.

3.Click “find and replace” option. A dropdown menu will appear with three options find, Replace and Go To.

4.Click “replace” option at second number. After clicking dialogue box will appear.

5.In dialogue box there are many options and fields. Click “special” option present on dialogue box.

6.Drop down menu will appear with so many options.

7.Click “Manual page break” or “Section break” present at the bottom of drop down menu.

8.After choosing option from drop down menu, now go back to dialogue box and leave Replace with” field blank and place your cursor on replace all and click it.

9.After clicking “replace all”. Another pop up box will appear, select ok.

Now you’ve learned how to remove a page in a word doc. These simple steps allow you to remove pages very easily. But if you want to get more information of Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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