How to remove a page in word document 2016

July 22, 2022

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You may have just taken the clerk rank in your new job, and you must know how to use some programs like Word. However, you do not have much experience in the software, so it is difficult to do some things to remove a page in Word. It's time for you to know how easy it is to know how to remove a page in Word a document without investing a lot of time in the program.

You have to know the methods on how to remove a page in Word online and immediately apply them in the program. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to stand out at work by being made a priority by your employer.

How to delete a page in Word that has paragraphs?

The first method you should apply to know how to remove a page in Word is when you have paragraphs in the document. In this case, you will apply the following steps:

1. You will only have to open the file where you want to learn how to remove a page in word 2010 or in the version you have.

2. Now, you will only have to use the key combination Shift + 8 and click on the paragraph icon

3. You must delete the paragraphs created using the keyboard's DELETE key.

How to remove a blank page from Word?

In case you are looking for an easier method to learn how to remove a page in word 2016, but on a blank page, you will have to do the following:

1. Open the Word document where you want to delete the Blank page.

2. Display the options bar in the program and click on the view tab between the last options from left to right.

3. Within the view tab, you will have to locate and mark the navigation panel option that would be in the show group. To make the search for the tool easier, you must locate the show group as the second option.

4. By marking the navigation panel, a box will open with three options that would be title, pages, and results.

5. Now, you have to click on pages, which would be the second option available in the navigation panel.

6. As a last step, you will only have to press the DELETE key on your keyboard and save the changes.

It is good that you learn how to remove a page in word 2013 to get along with the use of the program. On the other hand, by acquiring these skills, you will be able to represent your company without problems. You only have to follow the steps indicated in each method and see good results.

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