How to remove page word beginner guide

July 22, 2022

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How to remove page words? There are a lot of ways to remove page words but beginners are confused to go with their best. If you're a beginner guide user you may follow different tutorial guides but still, find no perfect option to give you results. It's obvious to have an unwanted page in your word document that disturbs the flow and ruins the professionalism of the document. In this article, you'll learn completely How to remove page words as a beginner and by following the instructions you'll find the best results.

How to remove page word in word 2016

It feels very awkward to have an unwanted page in word 2016. If you're a beginner all you need to follow these steps to remove page words. Here are the few key steps that you need to follow for removing page words.

1 Open your desired word document that you want to delete.

2 Navigate the page that you want to delete and click to select.

3 Drag the cursor to the bottom and highlight all the written content on the page.

4 Finally hit the delete to remove page word in a minute or less.

Every beginner thought removing the page from the word is a time taken process but the reality is different you can follow these steps to remove the page in word 2016.

How to remove page word on Mac

There are no such complications involved in removing page words on Mac. All these steps are easy to understand for a beginner-level person so if you're a newcomer follow these steps to start.

1 Click anywhere on the page that you want to remove on Mac.

2 Press CTRL+G a box pops out to find and replace.

3 Enter the first-page number that you want to delete.

4 Select on the close from your keyboard.

5 Make sure the content is selected.

6 Press DELETE on your keyboard to remove unwanted page words on Mac.

All these details are easy to follow for all beginner-level people. If you want a simple and easy way to do the job these instructions are works on a basic level.

How to remove blank page word in word 2013

Editing is a hard job to consider and removing blank page words is very simple. Follow these basic steps that might be very helpful to remove blank pages in word 2013.

1 Open your document in word 2013 that you want to remove from the menu.

 2 Select the View tab to open and find the navigation pane.

3 Select the navigation pane option and add a tick by your cursor.

4 Scroll down to find the blank page double click on them to select.

5 Click on the paragraph icons or press CTRL+SHIFT+8.

6 Select the paragraph markers or highlight them.

7 Hit DELETE to remove all the blank pages from word.

8 Press again CTRL+SHIFT +8 to hide all the paragraph marks.

Here are the few things that you need to consider for removing the page from word. In short, all these instructions are based on facts, and a beginner-level person easily learns or implements them whenever any blank page issue is raised working on word.

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