How to reorder animations in WPS Office PowerPoint

January 21, 2022

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Steps to reorder animations in WPS Presentation.
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In this article, you will learn about how to reorder animations in WPS Office PowerPoint with only 4 simple steps.

Take this slide as an example. With the original animation order, the triangles appear after the text boxes, and we want to bring forward the animation of the shapes to highlight the text contents.

Steps to reorder animations in WPS Presentation.

1. Navigate to the Animation tab. Click the Custom Animation button and the animation pane appears on the right. 

2. Select the animation you want to reorder, for example, animation 3 here, and continuously click the Re-order Up/Down arrow button to place it in the proper position. 

3. Alternatively, you can select the desired animation, and drag it to the right position as needed.

4. Besides, if you want to make the two triangles appear on click at the same time, you can right-click the desired animation, and check Start with Previous in the drop-down menu. 

Now let's preview the animation effect.

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lWhat is the animation feature in Excel?

The animation feature in PowerPoint makes your slides more attractive and powerful. And when there is more than one animated object in one slide, you might need to alter the order of animation effects. In WPS Presentation, you can also easily and quickly change the order of animations to display a better result in presentation with the Re-order function.

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