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How to add entrance and exit animations in WPS Office?

January 21, 2022

Are you ready to learnabout how to add entrance and exit animations to your slides? After learning this WPS free tutorial, you will be advanced from a beginner in WPS Presentation.

Animation effects make a presentation more attractive. If a slide contains a large amount of content, it would be a good choice to add entrance and exit animations to objects to make them appear successively.

Steps for adding entrance and exit animations are as follows:

We take a travel presentation as an example. We can find the space is too little to hold the content in this slide.

To make it more elegant, we can add entrance and exit animations to show these points separately.

Here are the steps to get this effect:

we set Point 1 and Point 2 as one group, and Point 3 and Point 4 as another.

1. Select an object, and head to the Animation tab. Here we have grouped Point 1 and Point 2, so we can select them as a whole. (Click hereto know how to group objects in WPS Office Presentation.)

2. Here is a box in the ribbon, and some commonly used animations are displayed. We can click the drop-down button to show all the animations.

3. In the Entrance area, apply a desired effect to Point 3 and Point 4 with one click, and the same goes for applying an Exit effect for Point 1 and Point 2.

We can click Custom Animation to set more details.  

4. Click the arrows in the bottom to reorder these animations.

In this example, Point 1 and Point 2 exit before Point 3 and Point 4 enter, so we need to move the exit animation to the top. (The numbers on the top left of the object refer to their orders of animations.)

5. Set the Start time, Direction and Speed for each animation.

6. We can also click Remove to remove the unnecessary animations.

7. Adjust the position of these two objects.

Now we have added entrance and exit animations to the slide, and lets preview the results by clicking Play. (Only for previewing the settings: the animations are shown continuously)

With these steps, you are able to add entrance and exit animations quickly and freely. Did you get it?

· Terms Explanation

1. What is animation in WPS Presentation?

Animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. WPS Office provides diverse animation effects for common users to meet all needs in daily work. You can also customize the animation effects in numerous aspects like start time, speed, sound and so on.

2. What is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is a module of WPS Office(an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet). WPS Presentation is consistent with PowerPoint document, which helps users to work with high efficiency. Its personal basic version is free to use and it also provides abundant functions and unique features for you to explore.

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