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How to use PDF editor to Add Bookmark in WPS Office

March 4, 2022

In this free tutorial, you will learnhow to add bookmark with PDF editor in WPS Office with simple steps as follows.

· Steps to add bookmark with PDF editor in WPS Office

1. Open your PDF file in WPS Office and turn to the page where you want to add a bookmark.

2. Head to the Edit tab, and click Add Bookmark to pop up the Bookmark pane on the left. Then you can input the name for the new bookmark.

Edit bookmarks with the buttons on the pane

1. You can click the bookmark and jump to the corresponding page quickly.

2. In the search box on the top of the pane, you can input the name of the bookmark and jump to it quickly.

3. There are four buttons on the top, namely, Expand all bookmarks, Collapse all bookmarks, Add current view as bookmark and Delete bookmark.

Right-click one of the bookmarks to edit it.

1. You can Insert Bookmark or Insert Bub-bookmark.

2. Click Rename Bookmark to rename it, or click Set Destination to set the current page as bookmark.

3. Click Delete Bookmark to delete the selected bookmark, or click Clear All Bookmarks to remove all.

4. You can also choose a color for the bookmark name and set the font effects, or click Bookmark Attribute to choose more colors.

With these steps, you are able to add bookmarks quickly and freely in PDF Editor. Did you get it?

· What is WPS Office?

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