How to replace "space” with "paragraph mark”

December 20, 2021

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Find and Replace can help us to correct mistakes by quickly locating and replacing text. Also, we can search for and replace special characters, such as space and paragraph marks.

Open your document with WPS Writer. Head to the Home tab and select the Find and Replace button > Replace, you can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+H.

In the Find What box, enter the space bar on the keyboard, and type ^p, or select paragraph Mark from the drop-down list under the special button in the Replace with box.

You can click Find Next to browse through all the results, and choose to replace the selected result by clicking Replace.  

To replace all the Find what content without stopping, you can click Replace All.

Here, we provide you with some references about the special format.

^p - Paragraph Mark

^t - Tab Character

^? - Any Character

^# - Any Digit

^$ - Any Letter

^n - Column Break

^e - Endnote Mark

^f - Footnote Mark

^g - Graphic

^l - Manual Line Break

^m - Manual Page Break

^b - Section Break

^w - White Space