How to rotate text vertically in Excel

August 1, 2022

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Rotating text vertically in Excel is a great way to present information in an easy-to-read format. When you rotate your text, you are essentially moving it around so that the letters are all facing the same direction. This can be useful for presenting a chart or graph, but it also helps if you are trying to make a table look cleaner. It's also important because if you don't rotate your text, it will not be readable when viewed from above or below. If you want to change the way data appears in a cell order or to make your text look as clean and professional as possible, you can rotate the font angle, or change the text alignment.

We can use Excel's conditional formatting feature to automatically rotate text vertically when it's used in certain cells. For example, if you want the name of the person on a paycheck or expense report to always appear at the top of the cell, then you can apply a conditional format that will rotate everything else.

Methods discussed in this article are compatible with versions 2016/2019/Mac/Online.

The Home button

1. Select the cell which contains the text you want to rotate. The Home button has a variety of option, including the ‘Format’. The drop-down menu has the option of ‘cells’ which in turn opens the Format Cells wizard.

2. Click on ‘Alignment’ in the various option of Number, Alignment, Font, Border etc. in the text alignment section, you can choose how you want your text to be displayed. The general option align you text to the right in the horizontal direction while the center option (that I have selected here), will adjust my rotated text in the center in the vertical direction. Yu can type the angle you want your text to be in (which in our case is 90 degrees).

3. Press OK for result.

4. Or, you can simply checkbox the ‘Vertical Text’ option, which will automatically rotate you text to a 90 degrees. Note that the vertical and horizontal setting are different here.

5. Press OK for result.

The Right click option

1. Another way to open the Format Cells wizard is the Right Click with your mouse on the cell which contains the text you want to rotate. Click on Format in the drop-down menu. Here, the horizontal direction is set to left indentation.

2. Press OK for result.

The Ctrl+1

1. Press Ctrl+1 on your keyboard after selecting the text cell you wish to rotate can also open the Format Cells wizard. Here, the horizontal direction is set to the center.

2. Press OK for result.

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