How to search words on page on Mac

July 22, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Sometimes you have to deal with lengthy document but time is short, what you do is search words on page document, the Find tool used for searching whole words, phrases, or even letters. Now you have the option to find what you are looking for in your document. It saves a lot of our time. You just have to enter word and all searched words will get highlights.

You can search words on page in Word by clicking the “Home” tab, selecting the Find button, then type your search term into the “Search” field. Now in further article we will discuss this in detail with steps.

How to search words on page in word document in Windows or Mac

1.Open the word and open existing document. This document is used as tutorial purpose.

2.Open the “home” tab and ribbon panel of home will appear.

3.At right side of ribbon panel you can see “find and replace” button.

4.Click it. Then drop down menu will show with different options.

5.Click “Find” option.


6.After clicking “find and replace” dialogue box will appear.

7.Now in the “Find What” field write a word or a phrase which you need to find in a document.

8.All the options which are disable is, gets enable. If you want to highlight search words then Click “Reading highlight” option.

9.Drop down menu will appear having two options.


10.Elect “Highlight All”. Now all searched words will get highlighted.

The searched words are highlighted and found in the document.

11.There is also two options available “Find previous” and “Find Next”. Click “Find Next” option.

12.If you want to see all highlighted words one by one then click Find next” option. Start clicking right arrow from keyboard you will locate all highlighted word by moving forward.

13.Now click “Find Previous” option.

14.To locate all search words by moving backward from current word you are present, then go to “find previous” option. Click “Left arrow” key from keyboard, click it and you start locating all words one by one by moving backward.

15.Click “More” option.

16.Write word you need to search in “Find What” field.

17.If you want to set some restricted conditions on search results  so that we get our requirement more accurately, then select “Find whole words only” in the More menu. Then those words that contain it as a part will not be displayed.

18.Click “Close” option to close dialogue box.

These steps to search words on page on mac or windows will allow you to find and highlight a word very easily. The procedure to find words is same if you are using Mac or Windows on your computer. But if you want to know more about Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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