How to separate first and last name in Excel column

July 22, 2022

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You can use Excel for so much more than formulas and data management. It's also an excellent way to manage your contacts. However, you'll probably need to know how to separate first and last names in Excel.

If you import all of your contacts from another source, you'll likely end up with a first and last name in a single cell. There's nothing wrong with that, but separating first and last name can help you organize them better. Here are some steps on how to get started.

Separating your contacts' first and last names lets you take advantage of email features that help you customize your content! You can add a name to your subject line, include a personalized greeting, and add contact details to the body of your email.

Separate First and Last Name by Split columns

  1. Select the target range in WPS Spreadsheet

Note: Hyphenated first or last names are treated as a single unit and you only need to add one column. If you have contacts with compound names that aren't hyphenated, for example, Mary Margaret or John Michael, or your spreadsheet includes middle names, or even couples, add an extra column for each part of the name. For example, add two columns for Mary Margaret Jones, or if you're collecting middle names, add three columns for John Michael Alexander Smith, or if you have couples, add four columns for Mary and John Jones..

  1. Click Data → Text to Columns

  1. Choose Delimited in the interface of 'Convert Text to Columns Wizard - Step 1 of 3'

  1. In the interface of 'Convert Text to Columns Wizard - Step 2 of 3', select the delimiters in terms of your demands.

  1. Click Finish in the interface of 'Convert Text to Columns Wizard.

Non-hyphenated, compound names are broken into two columns and have to be recombined into the First Name column manually. When you're done combining, delete the empty column. If you have a column for Middle Name, you can create a custom field for it when you import your file into Constant Contact.

If you have columns that you don't need, you can just delete them or consolidate them before uploading your spreadsheet into Constant Contact.

  1. Compound names without a hyphen (Mary Margaret) need to be manually updated so that both parts of the name are in the First Name column.

  2. Middle names (Mary Margaret Jones) aren't recognized as a standard contact heading, and can either be added to the First Name column, or you can keep the Middle Name column and add it as a custom field during the import process.

  3. Couples (Mary and John Jones) that were previously added as one contact now need to be split into two separate rows. Each half of the couple should have their own unique email address. The And column can be deleted. If you only have a single email address, you can combine the first names (Mary and John) into the First Name column

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