How to set the paper size of the table

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How to set the paper size of the table

How to set the paper size of the table

When printing tables in WPS Spreadsheet, to preview, we need to set the paper size first. So how can we set the paper size?

First, click the Page Layout tab above, and then click Size. WPS Spreadsheet has already provided us with a variety of paper sizes. We can click to preview.01.gif

If we need to adjust more settings for the paper size, we can click More Page Sizes. In the popup Page Setup dialog box, we can set Page Size and Print Quality according to different printers.In general, the higher the value of Print Quality, the higher the print resolution will be. After setting it up, click OK.02.gif

Finally, we click the Print Preview button to preview the effect of the table printed on the selected paper size.03.gif

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This skill could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice.