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How to Set WPS Office as Your Default PDF Reader

September 18, 2023

WPS Office is a powerful Office Suite that is similar to the Microsoft Office Suite. WPS Office is used to create Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF files.

Since many computers have pre-installed versions of PDFs, WPS users might find it challenging to understand how to set WPS as their preferred default PDF reader.

Explore this article to learn how to set WPS as your default PDF reader with only a few adjustments in your system settings.

What is WPS Office and Why Consider it for PDF Reading?

WPS Office is an all-in-one office suite that has amazing features and is free to use. The user interface of WPS is simple and is quite similar to the user interface of Microsoft Office. The best part about WPS Office is that it has all the essential features that one needs to streamline and improve their workflow and productivity.

The convenient functions and free templates of this free office suite enable non-tech users to use Excel and PDFs.

You can consider WPS Office for PDF Reading as it provides a one-stop PDF solution that allows users to convert, merge, sign, fill in, split, compress, and organize PDF files for free. This means that WPS Office enables you to be more productive and work smarter with your PDF files.

Advantages of Using WPS as Your Default PDF Reader

Here are the potential advantages of using WPS as your default PDF Reader:

Free Conversion of PDF Files: With WPS PDF, you can freely convert and edit your PDF files. WPS PDF has all the right tools that enable you to convert PDFs into and from PPT, image, Excel, and Word files.


Enjoy Free Versatile Features: With WPS PDF, you can enjoy the following features for free:

  • PDF Edit

  • PDF Sign

  • OCR

  • PDF Convert

  • PDF Compress

  • PDF Organize

  • Cloud Collaboration

Compatibility & Performance Perks: By downloading WPS Office, you can collaborate on PDF files on various platforms, which is also one of the greatest performance perks, as you can view, edit, and read PDF files on multiple platforms as well.

Streamlined User Interface & Experience: WPS Office allows users to streamline user interface and experience by enabling users to easily add comments, sign contracts, and avail of other PDF editing features.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
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  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting WPS as Default

If your PDF needs aren’t met by the default PDF viewer in your device, you will want to know how to set up WPS as a default PDF Reader so that you can benefit from the functionality and features offered by WPS Office.

Before we tell you how to set WPS as a default PDF Reader, you will want to download and install WPS Office on your device.

How to Install WPS Office

You will want to follow the steps given below for downloading and installing WPS Office:

Step 1: Go to the Website WPS.Com to download the latest version of WPS Office.

Step 2: Select the “Free Download Button” and download the right version of WPS Office for your system.

download WPS

Step 3: Select your required language. Proceed to agree to the privacy policy, and click on the option of “Install Now.”

language selection

Step 4: Enjoy the amazing features of WPS Office.

WPS Software

Steps to Changing Default PDF Reader on Windows 11:

Step 1: After clicking on “Start,” go to “Settings” and select “Apps.”

select apps

Step 2: Scroll down until you find the option of “default apps.”

select default apps

Step 3: Click on the option of “Select default program by file type.”

select file type

Step 4: Choose the default application after you have reached “pdf.”

default apps

How to Set WPS as Default PDF Reader (Windows 11)

You will want to follow the steps given below to set WPS as your default PDF Reader and improve your PDF reading and editing experience.

Step 1: Download and install WPS Office on your system.

Step 2: Open WPS PDF Reader.

Step 3: Right-click on the PDF file and choose the “Open with” option. Proceed to select “WPS Office” from the list.

open with

Step 4: Click on “Always use this app to open PDF files.”

chose app

Exploring the WPS PDF Reader Interface

Now that you know how to set WPS as default PDF Reader, you will want to explore the WPS Reader interface and what it is about.

Overview of the Key Features of the WPS PDF Reader Interface

Let us start with having a look at the key features that enhance your PDF Reading experience:

Get a Customizable & Comfy Reading Experience

With WPS PDF, you can enjoy reading in various modes, including single and two-page. You can also opt for night mode and be able to zoom and scale the PDF file. This way, you can generate a comfortable PDF reading experience – irrespective of the device that you are using.

reader experience

Mark Important Sections

The WPS Reader Interface allows you to mark crucial sections of your PDF file, and you can highlight and annotate according to your needs. You can also draw on the PDF document and add comments with the help of the customizable PDF annotation tools that make WPS PDF Reader an efficient interface to collaborate, review, and study.

pdf annotation

Privacy Guaranteed

The WPS Reader Interface is secure as it incorporates all advanced security measures, including secure connection, digital signs, and encryption. As we have told you how to set WPS as a default PDF Reader, you can now rest assured that all your PDF files are protected with WPS, as WPS Office guarantees data integrity and privacy.

pdf security

Make the Most of the Quick-Access Tools

While using the WPS PDF Reader interface, you can easily navigate your PDF documents without having to waste your time searching for particular content as the quick-access tools, such as thumbnail views and bookmarks, allow you to easily navigate complex PDF files.

pdf tools

WPS Office versus Other Popular PDF Readers

Regarding how to set WPS as default PDF Reader, you will want to know how WPS Office is a better option than other popular PDF Readers.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a powerful Adobe reader that comes with amazing trademarks, such as filling out forms, adding digital signs, offering different reading modes, etc. The starting range of Adobe Acrobat is $14.99 monthly.

While Adobe Acrobat offers high-end features, it comes with a hefty price tag. Even if you avail of the free version, you cannot edit the PDF file and update the text.

Foxit PDF

Foxit is another great PDF Reader that has made a big name in the PDF software market. Its features include the conversion tool that many other PDF software lacks. Foxit PDF Reader provides a “safe reading mode” and various annotation tools.

On the downside, Foxit Reader is not a light alternative compared to Adobe Acrobat, and it is also not as fast as WPS PDF.

How is WPS PDF Reader a Better Option than Adobe Acrobat and Foxit?

When it comes to WPS PDF vs Adobe vs Foxit, you will certainly want to learn how to set WPS as default PDF Reader, as the WPS Office Suite is free and lightweight, which guarantees smooth compatibility with various systems.

WPS Office includes the perfect WPS PDF Reader software that users can use as their default PDF Reader and start making efficient use of its amazing features, including the following:

  • Advanced features and tools for all kinds of PDF functions.

  • Excellent compatibility with other formats.

  • Easy conversion of all scanned language to PDF.

  • Reliable and secure singing and form-filling.

Enhancing Your WPS Experience: Plugins

After you have followed all the steps for how to set WPS as a default PDF Reader, you will want to enhance your WPS experience by downloading and installing the WPS PDF extension for Chrome. And yes, it is available for free.

Follow the below-given steps to install the WPS PDF Extension:

Step 1: Click this link for pdf.wps.com and open the plugin in your Chrome browser.

Step 2: On the new window, proceed to click on the option of “Add to Chrome.”

WPS Tool

Step 3: Click on the option of “Add extension” on the confirmation window.

WPS extension

Step 4: If you cannot see the WPS PDF extension logo in the corner of the Chrome browser, you will want to click on the “pin” option.

extension pin

Step 5: Start using the amazing features of the free Chrome extension.  

WPS Tools


Question: Is WPS Office safe for my computer and files?

Answer: WPS Office is absolutely safe for your copter and files. This Office Suite has amazing tools and features for seamless Word processing, Excel management, and PPT templates. The WPS PDF is a great alternative to Adobe and Foxit.

Question: How to Compress PDFs for Free?

Answer: Open the file in WPS PDF and open the tool center to compress the file. In the toolbar, choose the option of “compress” and choose the desired compression level. You can reduce the file size by up to 90%.

Question: How do I import a PDF into WPS Office?

Answer: Open the Word document and place your cursor at the place where you want to import the PDF file. Then go to the “Insert” tab and choose the option “Insert text from the file.” Browse the respective PDF file, select “insert” and click “OK.”

Question: Is WPS Office better than Adobe Acrobat?

Answer: WPS Office is a better alternative to Adobe Acrobat as it includes comprehensive features and tools for editing, converting, and creating documents for free.

WPS PDF Reader Interface – A Great Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

We have described how to set WPS as a default PDF reader on Windows and any other device, as WPS Office is also compatible with Android, Mac, and Linux. WPS PDF is a great alternative to countless other PDF solutions as it surpasses the basic features of PDF Reader.

You will want to download WPS Office now and benefit from the amazing features that are part of the free PDF solution that allows you to seamlessly edit documents, highlight parts, insert comments, and add digital signatures. Using WPS Office, you can also convert PDF to other formats, such as image, Word, Excel, PPT, and vice versa.

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