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How to show or hide gridlines in Excel

January 4, 2022

When crafting Excel forms for printing, the intricacies of gridlines demand attention. Conquering the dilemma of showing or hiding these lines offers a practical advantage. Ever wondered how to navigate this process seamlessly? Allow me to illuminate the path forward by sharing my own experience with you.

Part 1: Show/hide Gridlines from the View Tab

· Show gridlines

Option 1:

1. Click the View tab.

2. Check the View Gridlines option.

Part 2: Show/Hide Gridlines from the Excel Options Menu

Option 2:

1. Click the Menu drop-down list in the upper left corner and click Options.

2. In the pop-up dialog, click the View tab, and check Gridlines in the Window options area.

3. Click the OK button.

Protips Show/hide Gridlines with a Keyboard Shortcut

While Excel lacks a specific keyboard shortcut for toggling gridlines, you can utilize the Alt hotkeys effectively.

Upon pressing the Alt key, the hotkeys become active, unveiling the required keys to navigate ribbon commands on the Excel ribbon.

Excel ribbon options

source: Excel ribbon options

To effortlessly enable or disable gridlines using a keyboard shortcut, simply press Alt followed by the sequence Alt, W, V, G on your keyboard.

Part 3: Show/Hide Gridlines in Excel by Changing the Fill Color

Altering cell fill colors is a creative yet practical way to manage gridlines. This method adds a visual twist to your gridline experience, offering a unique approach to customization.

1. Select the range you wish to modify or the entire spreadsheet.

Excel fill color options

source: Excel fill color options

2. Alternatively, employ the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all cells in the spreadsheet. You might need to press this shortcut twice or thrice for data arranged in a table format.

3. Proceed to the Font group on the HOME tab and access the Fill Color drop-down menu.

Excel fill color options

source: Excel fill color options

From the list, opt for the white color to suppress gridlines. Conversely, if you aim to display lines, choose the "No Fill" option.

Using cell fill colors to hide gridlines adds a touch of creativity to my spreadsheets. It's especially handy when I want to maintain a clean presentation without the distraction of visible gridlines. However, I found that choosing the right fill color can be a bit trial-and-error to ensure it blends seamlessly with the background. Overall, it's an effective way to manipulate gridlines while enhancing the visual aesthetics of my data.

Comparison between above methods:

Comparing the methods for showing or hiding gridlines in Excel, each approach offers distinct benefits. Using the View Tab is quick and intuitive, ideal for immediate adjustments during work. The Excel Options Menu provides a comprehensive solution, ensuring consistency across sheets. Changing Fill Color adds an artistic touch, enhancing aesthetics along with gridline control. The choice depends on the user's need for speed, uniformity, or visual appeal.

Part 4: Show/Hide Gridlines in Excel When Printing

When it comes to printing your Excel reports, the default behavior is that gridlines do not appear in the printed output. However, should you desire the presence of gridlines in your printouts, achieving this outcome is entirely feasible.

Follow these outlined steps to either include or exclude gridlines in your Excel printouts:

1. Navigate to the File tab.

2. Proceed to the Print options.

3. Select the Page Setup link situated at the lower end of the printing options.

Excel printing options

source: Excel printing options

This action will prompt the opening of the Page Setup menu.

4. Within the Page Setup menu, access the Sheet tab.

5. Under the Print section, mark the Gridlines option.

6. Confirm your selections by clicking the OK button.

Excel page setup options

source: Excel page setup options

Printing with the right gridline settings is crucial, especially for presentations or formal documents. This method ensures that my hard copies maintain the same level of clarity as the digital version. However, I did face a challenge initially when I forgot to adjust the settings before printing, leading to gridlines being unintentionally omitted. After a bit of practice, it's now an essential part of my pre-printing checklist.

Why Use WPS Office?

WPS options

source: WPS options

The methods mentioned above apply to both Microsoft Excel and WPS Office Spreadsheet. However, opting for WPS Office comes with its own set of compelling advantages that make it a recommended choice:

  • Price: WPS Office offers an attractive cost-effective alternative, allowing you to access powerful spreadsheet capabilities without breaking the bank.

  • Compatibility: WPS Office ensures seamless compatibility with Microsoft Excel files, enabling smooth collaboration with colleagues who might be using Excel.

  • Features: With a rich feature set akin to Microsoft Excel, WPS Office equips you with a wide range of tools to effectively manage your data and tasks.

  • User-friendly Interface: Navigating through WPS Office's intuitive interface simplifies your experience, regardless of your familiarity with spreadsheet software.

By choosing WPS Office, you not only gain access to these benefits but also ensure a smooth transition while implementing the gridline management methods discussed earlier and easily find the answer for how to remove gridlines in wps office.

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FAQs about show or hide gridlines in excel

Q1: What if I only want to copy values without formats?

A: Use Paste Special (CRTL+ALT+V) to choose and insert values without accompanying cell formats.

Q2: What if I only want to show/hide certain gridlines in Excel?

A: Unfortunately, Excel's gridlines are all-encompassing and can't be selectively hidden or shown for specific cells. Instead, consider using cell borders to create visual distinctions within the grid.

Final Thought on How to Show or Hide Gridlines in Excel

In summary, mastering the gridline management techniques in Excel empowers you to elevate your spreadsheet game, improving organization and visual appeal. Whether through the View Tab, Excel Options Menu, or innovative fill color adjustments, you have a versatile toolkit at your disposal.

For an optimized experience, WPS Office emerges as a valuable choice. Its affordability, compatibility, rich features, and user-friendly interface make gridline management and other tasks a breeze. Pair this with WPS Office templates for even greater efficiency and creativity in your Excel journey.

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