How to track changes in excel

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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If you are like most people, you use Excel to keep track of your data. One common way to do this is to create a table of data and then use formulas to alter the values in the table as new information is entered. This approach can be cumbersome if you want to track changes to the data. In this article, we will show you how can you track changes in Excel using a custom tracking sheet.

How to track changes in Excel On Mac online?

There are a few different methods that you can use, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common methods is to use a workbook tracking template.

You keep track of your progress by creating charts and tables to visualize your data. But what if you want to know how your data has changed over time? Excel doesn't have a built-in way to do that. This tutorial will show you how to track changes in Excel, so you can see how your data has fluctuated over time.

Way to Change Track in Excel 2016/2019 Online

If you work with an Excel file that needs to be updated or reviewed by other people, the option to track changes can come in handy.

You can also use it when you’re updating a file and need to keep a track of all the changes you do yourself. This will come in handy if you return to it later.

Enabling the Track Changes in Excel on Mac

By default, this feature is disabled in Excel. Here, these are the steps to enable track changes in Excel.

1. Go to the Review tab.

2. In the Changes group, click on the Track Changes option and select Highlight Changes.

3. Highlight Changes in Excel 2019 Online.

4. Select the Change Options check box to choose the option  Track changes while editing. This also shares your workbook. You can also specify the When, Who, and Where options. For this tutorial, I will go with the default settings. 

5. Click to the check box.

6. Click ok.

The above steps would enable Track Changes in Excel and now it will highlight any change done to the workbook.

To use the Track Changes option for this purpose, you need to have the workbook saved on your device or a network drive. If the file hasn't been saved, it will first ask you to save it before it enables  Track Changes . If the file has already been saved, it will still save it before enabling  Track Changes .

In conclusion, Excel provides a variety of ways to track changes. Whether you're looking for a simple way to keep track of who made which changes, or need more flexibility in tracking who made what changes when, Excel has you covered. Use the tips provided in this article to help make your changes tracking process easier and more efficient.Tracking changes in Excel can be a useful way to keep track of your work and ensure accuracy. There are a few different ways to do this, and the best way for each user depends on their individual needs. However, one thing is for sure: tracking changes in Excel is an important part of ensuring your data is accurate and up to date.

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