How to use charts in excel

August 1, 2022

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Excel has become a unique tool that offers you the best way to do the work you want in your document. Therefore, using excel is not complicated. With the help of a good course or the advice of the right person, you can become a great expert.

If you have to present your new project, you must learn how to use excel. For this reason, you must obtain the necessary knowledge to know what each tool of this modern program offers.

Nowadays, learning how to use excel will give you many unique benefits. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to use it at all times through various methods. Excel is a tool that cannot be missing from your PC.

How to use Excel with charts?

If you want to make some graphics in this program, you must know how to use excel. This type of graph helps you save time when you analyze your data. You will have everything in view with the greatest agility and speed.

Create a database using a table format with the years and the data you want to compare. In the example you will see below, you can see the formula so that you can calculate in Margin and relation to the Variation. It will only be a subtraction.

You must select the Business line content and create a normal bar line chart. This is why Excel tools are essential for you to work easily on your spreadsheet.

This step is important to learn this Excel function from the tab, insert, and graph.

How to use Excel in the interface?

So that you can use Excel properly, you can learn to navigate all its interfaces. You must know from the most basic. This way, you can quickly learn how to use these programs. You can also use excel 2016 with total freedom.

1. First, when you want to write the data in Excel, you have to use the Tab key to get to the next cell, where the column on the right is. Then it would be best to use the enter key to the next cell.

2. Then you have to press the Ctrl key and the directional arrows up and down, left and right at the same time, will easily take you to the last cell in the same direction.

3. You must press Ctrl with the home key to go to the first cell, where the data range is.

How to use the necessary shortcuts in Excel?

If you want your work on your spreadsheet to be done as quickly as possible, you must learn several shortcuts that will work for you and can be done with the keyboard. So you can work on your documents with peace of mind and ease.

1. First, you must perform each step using your keyboard so that you learn to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to paste and copy.

2. To enter your date through the cell, you must use Ctrl. Let yourself be impressed by how I use excel mac

3. To copy to the bottom of the list, double-click with the help of the fill handle, where the box on the right side of the cell is located. So you can also look for the option to use excel online

If, after you have reviewed these three methods of how to use excel, you have surely learned new tools that will be useful to you whenever you work on your spreadsheet. For this reason, this program is easy to use. You practice each function frequently. Don't miss how to use excel 2010 in no time.

With the help of Excel, you can make a complete, modern project by making several graphs that contain important data. The presentation of the sales of your product must do with excellent modern pictures.

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