How to use concatenate in excel

August 1, 2022

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When carrying out any data processing activity, you must remember that you must know how to use concatenate in Excel. This not only allows you to achieve more efficient results, but you will also have a much more organized and professional document.

Many people use how to use concatenate in Excel to have much more precise control of the data they are entering. In this way, if you want to achieve the best possible results, the idea is that you learn to use these tools to help you in these activities.

How to use concatenate in Excel 2016?

Knowing how to use concatenate in Excel can become a great ally in your office activities since you can intertwine up to 30 text elements by knowing how to use these tools and functions. Before starting, you must take into account that the procedure to follow is the following =CONCATENATE (text1, text2, [text3,…]. To learn how to use concatenate in Excel properly, you must follow the instructions below.

Select the cell in which the final result will be displayed, and then go to the function bar and type the cells to concatenate. This time cells A3 and B3 will be used as examples. In this way, said function would be as follows =CONCATENATE (A3,B3), but in this way, these elements will add without any spacing. To add a space, you have to add , being as follows CONCATENATE (A3, ,B3).

How to concatenate text strings together with other characters?

Once you know how to use concatenate in Excel 2019, you can apply this function to achieve extremely varied results. In this way, just by knowing how to use all these functions, you can optimize your time to a great extent without too much effort. By following these instructions, you can do it without any inconvenience.

If you want to use these functions, you should know that it is not very complicated. Although you must indeed select two cells to interlace, you can use characters such as  , ,, - and even / . This will allow you to achieve extremely varied results, as shown in these examples.

How to use concatenate in Excel mac with line breaks?

On many occasions, knowing how to use concatenate in Excel can become a big problem because, on several occasions, the interfaces or environments to process data can vary a bit. Thus, knowing how to use concatenate in Excel online is necessary, regardless of your device. By following these instructions, you will be able to learn how to use concatenate in Excel without presenting any problems.

Use special functions such as CHAR13 or CHAR10, depending on your device.Once the previous point has been clarified, start making your concatenation depending on the columns you want to use. In this case, columns A to F will use.Go to the column where you want to store the results and similarly type your concatenation function.

Once you have done this, you have to fill in the cells in which the necessary data will reflect. You are obtaining a result like the one shown below.

Note: If you want to make line breaks effectively, you must have the Wrap text function active. In this way, the display text will not present any errors. To activate this function, you must press the Ctrl + 1 keys to enter the Cell format section, change the alignment tab to your liking and select the Adjust option.

Knowing how to use concatenate in Excel will greatly facilitate your office work, thus achieving extremely professional results without losing organization. This is why learning how to use such functions is extremely necessary.

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