How to use excel index

August 3, 2022

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The answer to the question how to use excel index is that the main objective of index function is that the value from is returned from within a range or table. This is very useful in case you want to specifically mention or highlight something important at a place or refer to another table or worksheet.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to explain how to use excel index function in your project, this is the tutorial for you. There will be two methods to use the function, one will explain via shortcut key and the other is by clicking the option.

Use Index function by shortcut

This is how you can instanly access the Index function:

1. Open a file to use index function. This is a test file which contain names of members with height and weight data.

2. Now click on the cell you want to use Index function.

3. Now type “equals” sign and write ”index”. Once you do it, you will notice the index function appears in the dialogue box.

4. Click Tab button on keyboard. The index fucntion is now active and requires some input. The Array function requires to identify the area of cells under consideration, the Row_num requires specify the row, and the Column_num requires to input the column.

5. Let’s say we want to index Kevin Weight which is 175. In this case, we will move the moving cursor at the corner of the table and drag diagonally. This will highlight all table cells from F8 to H14. As shown.

6. Now put comma “,” to separate the function values. Enter row number as 4 as below because name Kevin is placed in 4th row starting from “Name” title.

7. Again insert comma “,” and now enter column number as 3 as below. It is because the Kevin’s weight data is in 3rd column from the “Name” title.

8. Now press Enter key on your keyboard. You will notice the Kevin’s weight is indexed there as 175. This is because Excel referenced 4th row and 3rd column within the specified cells in the range F8 to H14.

Use Index function by clicking index option

If you want to specifically find and click the Index option. Here your guide to do so:

1. Open a file you wish to use index function. This is a test file which contain names of members with height and weight data.

2. Now click on the cell you want to use Index function

3. Head to Formula tab and click it. This opens various options in the ribbon.

4. Now click on Lookup and Reference. This opens a drop-down menu.

5. Now click on Index option.

6. Once clicked, you will notice a dialogue box appears with many fields.

7. Now the procedure of entering the data is same as mentioned previously.Click on the button right next to the Array field.

8. Now select the cells between F8 to H14 just like before. Notice the selected area is appears on the dialogue box.

9. Hit Enter key and the cells are selected.

10. Now in the Row_num, type 4 and Column_num type 3.

11. Press Enter key. Again the same answer appears as 175 which is exactly the Kevin’s weight.

Hope you understood now how to use excel index function in your worksheets. It will always refer to the same cell you assign to the function.

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