How to use Excel TEXT Function in excel

August 9, 2022

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Excel TEXT Function can be used to convert numbers into text within a spreadsheet. The function converts a numeric value to a text string. Excel's TEXT function is available in all versions of the WPS office.

You have two options to import data from a text file with Excel. Either you can open the file in Excel or import it as an External Data Range. You can export Excel data to a text document using the Save as a command. The drop-down menu will allow you to change the file type.

Two common text file formats are:

- Text files that are separated by a comma (.txt) in which the TAB character (ASCII code 009) usually separates each field of text. - Text files with comma-separated values (.csv), where the comma character (,) typically separates each text field.

You can modify the separator character used in both.csv and delimited text files. This is necessary to ensure that your import or export operation runs as you wish.


=Text(Value, format_text)

In the following situations, we use the TEXT function:

1. We need dates to be displayed in a specific format 

2. If we want numbers to be displayed in a specific format or in a clearer way 

3. Combining numbers with text or characters

What is an excel text file in the WPS office?

Save Excel data to a text document by using the Save As command. You can also change the file type in the drop-down menu. Two common text file formats are Delimited (. TXT, in which the TAB character (ASCII code 009) usually separates each field of text.

If Excel TEXT is not working WPS office

Sometimes the TEXT function may give an error code #NAME? This occurs when we don't include quotation marks around the code format.

Let's look at an example to illustrate this.

We can input the formula =TEXT (A2, mm-dd-yy). The formula would return an error as it is not correct.

How to use a text file to excel in the WPS office?

1. Select the cell in which you want to use the text file.

2. Then click on the Formula tabs.

3. Then choose the insert function option.

4. And then choose the text formula from the popup dialogue.

5. Now add value and formula text and click OK.

6. The formula result will be shown in the cell.

Excel won't convert data in a specific column to the format you prefer. You can then convert it after you import it. For more information, please see the Convert number stored in the text too.

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