How to use fill handle in excel(In Easy Steps)

August 1, 2022

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By defining a sequence of values that either follow a pattern or verify that the numbers we entered are of a series, the Fill Handle in Excel is used to fill up the data. Applying it is pretty simple. Any cell has a Fill Handle accessible at the right bottom. To create a pattern, enter values such as dates, numbers, or alphabets in at least three cells. Double clicking or selecting the cells with values before dragging the Fill Handle both work in this situation.

The fill handle is a little black box in the bottom right corner of the worksheet's active cell, as seen in the image below.

A basic understanding of how to use Excel's fill and handle functions could help you to save a tonne of time at work. It is a tool that allows you to use Excel to automatically complete a number of lists. In Excel, serial numbers are typically entered. Let's say cells A1 to A10 contain serial numbers from 1 to 10. Normally, we type 1, 2, 3, and 4. Isn't it like that? We can use an excel fill handle to automatically fill the series of numbers, dates, days, etc. instead of manually typing them.

How to use fill handle in excel online, 2016 and 2019:

Excel's fill handle is quite straightforward and simple to use. Let's use a few examples to better grasp how the Excel Fill handling functions.

Example 1:

Let's say you wish to fill in cells A1 through A20 with the numbers from 1 to 20. To automatically populate your series of numbers, follow these steps.

1.From A1 through A2, enter 1 and 2, then choose those two cells.

2.Drag the mouse till you reach cell A20 by hovering it over the selection's bottom-right edge, where a plus sign will appear.

Fill handle in excel using example 2

1.In the scenario shown above, you must drag until you locate the desired cell. However, if a value is present in the adjacent column, you can double-click by moving the mouse over the selection's right edge. Based on the information in the adjacent column, it will automatically fill the list up to the last cell.Look at the image below, where I've listed cities in order from B1 to B20. I must now enter the serial numbers A1 through A20.

2.To double-click the two numbers, I simply need to input 1 and 2 and select them. Up until cell A20, it will fill.

Fill handle in excel using example 3

1.As demonstrated in the prior example, we can automatically fill in numbers that are increased by one. Likewise, we can enter numbers that have been reduced by 1.Enter 10 and 9 in cells A1 through A2.

2.We are unable to double-click the fill handle since the adjacent column is empty and has no value. Drag until cell A10 instead.

3.The numbers will now be inserted for you.

Note: This above written article is an attempt to show you how to use the fill handle in excel online, 2016 and 2019, in both windows and mac.You just need to have a little understanding of how and which way things work and you are good to go. With having this basic knowledge or information of how to use it, you can also access and use different other options on excel or spreadsheet. Also, it is very similar to Word or Document. So, in a way, if you learn one thing, like Excel, you can automatically learn how to use Word as well because both of them are very similar in so many ways. If you want to know more about WPS Office, you can download WPS Office to access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for free.