How to use filter function in excel (The Ultimate Guide)

July 26, 2022

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By temporarily removing the extraneous entries from the view, the excel filter aids in the display of pertinent data. According to the specified criteria, the data is filtered. The goal of filtering is to draw attention to the important portions of a data set. For instance, the location can be used to filter an organization's city-by-city sales data. As a result, the user can see the sales of particular cities at a particular moment. When working with a large database, a filter is really necessary. The filter, a frequently used tool, transforms a thorough view into an understandable one. The data set must have a header row with the names of all the columns in order to apply filters.

How to use filter in excel online, 2016 and 2019

The bills sent to customers in various cities are displayed in the following table. We wish to filter the data in several ways.

Using filter option under the home tab in excel

 1.As seen in the accompanying image, the sort and filter drop-down of the editing section of the Home tab has a filter option.

2.Under the sort and filter drop-down, select the data, then click filter.

3.The selected data range receives the filters. The filters in the accompanying image are indicated by the drop-down arrows within the red boxes.

4.To view the various names of the cities, click the drop-down arrow of the column city.

5.If you only want to see the invoice values for Delhi, choose Delhi and uncheck all the other boxes.

6.The following image filters and presents the data for the city Delhi.

Using filter option under the data tab in excel

As seen in the accompanying image, the sort and filter portion of the Data tab has a filter option.

The Filtering Methods in Excel

When filtering data, the following methods must be used:Type the value to be filtered if the data set is huge. This eliminates all potential matches.Use the number filters option if you need to filter numerical data by specifying a greater than or a less than number.Use the filter by colour option to filter data based on the colour of particular rows.

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