How to use flash fill in excel (In 30 Seconds)

August 1, 2022

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It is a good time for you to learn how to use flash fill in excel, not only in theory but also in a practical way. The instant fill feature will allow you to do a very fast job by linking the data. You must try to get the most out of the tool and know when it is the right time to use it.

If you want to learn how to use flash fill in excel Online, it is only right that you let yourself be guided by simple and precise examples. In this way, you will see how the tool works, and you will more or less know how to recognize how to use the tool.

How to use flash fill in excel?

To learn how to use flash fill in excel 2016, you must consider that the tool will only recognize patterns contained in the cell values. That is, the same numbers, similar texts, or other data that have a link. If you want to see a clearer way in which instant fill is used in Excel, it is good to look at the following examples:

EXAMPLE 1: flash fill to extract numbers.

1. Below is a spreadsheet containing various data in cell A1. The first thing to do is position the mouse in cell B1 and place the value 4645 because this will be the pattern that will copy to the cells below.

2. Then, you must go to the data tab and select instant fill, which would be in the data tool group. You can also use the shortcut Control + E.

3. Now, you only have to see the result along column B according to the similarities that the instant fill found.

EXAMPLE 2: Flash fill to rearrange numbers.

Another way you can know how to use flash fill in excel 2019 focuses on rearranging the numbers. A clear example of this is:

1. Once again, an Excel file containing a series of data along column A will open. This time we are looking for a pattern similar to 270-36-9181 that would be written in cell B1.

2. After placing the base pattern, you will have to go to the Data tab and select the instant fill option.

3. The result of the copied pattern will automatically appear in the cell range B2 to B6.

EXAMPLE 3: flash fill to join data.

The last example to take into account during your learning about how to use flash fill in excel Mac or Windows is focused on joining data. To apply this process, you should be guided by the following example:

1. You must open the Excel file where the data you want to join appears in an alternate email address, as shown in the example. You can place a base as shown in cell B1, which is, to be copied to the other cells.

2. Go to the Data tab and click instant fill.

3. Finally, see the results that the tool has given you.

Now that you know how to use flash fill in excel, you should know that the tool has some limits. As it happened in this case:

1. An Excel document was opened where it is sought to extract the numeric characters from column A. The reference data was placed, which is 130.

2. You must go to the Data tab and locate the flash fill option.

3. You only have to see the final result where it is observed that it did not have an accurate result. This is because flash fill does not detect decimals but integers.

It is good that you learn thoroughly how to use flash fill in Excel to know how to use the tool at the right time. Through this tool, you could save several hours of work, giving you better office performance. While the information provided has been helpful, you shouldn't just search for more examples of using flash fill.

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